Sunday, October 4, 2009

Get Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel at special price - one day only

Note: The article below is extracted from Star-ecentral of The Star Online.
Mariah Carey the Diva of the decade returns with a new album, after the rousing multi-platinum selling albums of Emancipation of Mimi and E=MC2, she returns with her new album entitled Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel. Featuring the first single hot on the local radio station, OBSESSED sounds pure Mariah is set to add another #1 single to her amazing repertoire. Working together with long time executive producer Antonio LA Reid, Mariah Carey has teamed up with The Dream and Tricky Stewart on this album. The Dream has quoted that for this album “She can’t take a loss; she has to do everything to the T. So it’s basically like we’re trying to make a greatest hits album without using the greatest hits”. The album features other notable singles such as H.A.T.E.U and a remake of Journey’s rock ballad I Want To Know What Love Is. Over 21 great songs included in the album, with Obsessed remixes from Seamus Haji and other notable DJ’s.

Universal Music Malaysia is inviting all Mariah Carey fans to get the album on the 5th of October 2009 in conjunction with Mariah Day. Fans will be able to enjoy a massive price drop on one single day in all retail stores nationwide. Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel will be on sale for all album editions starting at RM25.00 for Malaysia Edition album, and a Deluxe Edition album with ELLE Booklet priced at RM35.00. The ELLE mini magazine is 34 page booklet which chronicle her life’s achievement.

A Limited Imported 3-CD collector’s Edition of Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel is available for sale which has 3 previous Mariah Carey albums of Charmbracelet, Emancipation Of Mimi and E=MC2, and a reserved space to place your latest Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel album. This box set is on sale for a limited time only while stocks last.

The diva with the voice of an angel has returned, chronicling her memoirs for you to listen. So don’t let this chance pass you by, get the album on Mariah Day and listen to the Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel by Mariah Carey.
So, to all Mariah Carey fans out there, grab a discounted copy of Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel tomorrow, Monday the 5th of October 2009.

I might get the album myself tomorrow. I have heard clips and previews from youtube. All I can say is that I enjoy listening to it. It may not be as contemporary and soulful as Emancipation of Mimi nor as radio friendly as E=MC2, but, it is something different ... a very R&B slowjam-ish 90's-ish album. My first thought was "Ooh! It's way better than the overly produced radio friendly E=MC2"

No matter how much I wish Mariah's legendary 5 octave vocals haven't deteriorated, I truly understand that people changed through time. It is impossible to remain the same for years after years. Just look at Whitney Houston and Celine Dion and you will understand that gone are the days when the 3 above are touted as 'The 3 great diva of the 90's'. Having said that, their impact to the music industry is so great that they will certainly be remembered that way for a very very long time.

Mariah is trying very hard to make her music appealling to the current music trend while keeping her old fans happy. That is not an easy task indeed and we will see in the coming months if this album can repeat the success of her Emancipation of Mimi. Or even better, her older album from the early 90's.

(Hey, Mariah's vocals on Memoirs are still great nonetheless!)

Oh! One interesting note is that Black Eye Peas 'I Gotta Feeling' has tied Mariah's 14th weeks No.1 'We belong Together' this week. Wonder if that song will tie the all time record of Mariah's 'One Sweet Day'. Records are meant to be broken. But, common, "I Gotta Felling' is not a great song. It's just an okay song with catchy hook. Even 'Where is the Love' is better.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

At long last ... and a 'Have you seen him' thingy.

It has been quite a while since I posted something here on my blog. Where have all the time gone too anyway? Ever since I was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis, everything seems to be crumbling (well, not exactly) all over. Quarantine oneself is nothing, but, having to feel useless and aimless is another.

But, thankfully and gratefully, my family & relatives supported me through and through. While I care for them dearly, I have to admit that I need to be reminded from time to times that I still do, and very much too. Ah! We humans, we realize and learn from it only after we fall.

Talking about family and relatives reminded me of a request made by a friend of mine. My friend is looking for a long lost step brother (by the name of Lee Chee Fai) of hers. It has been 11 years since they have cross path. That is a very long period indeed. Well, this is for you then my friend.

Lee Chee Fai was born on the 1st of December 1973 at Pusing, Perak. His mum (which is my friend’s mum also) had to give him out for adoption due to some unforeseen circumstances (family problems I presume).

A child is everything to a mother. Now, you tell me which mother doesn’t love and care for her child? A mother will willingly sacrifice everything just to make sure her child is safe and doing well in the society. Remember 'The Filial Piety Sutra' (click here if you don't) ?
“The parental kindness is deeper than the sea”

“The virtuous kindness of our parents never differs. As long as you are their child, they will never despise you no matter how ugly you may be

“And they will never get angry or be disgusted with you even if you are crippled”
Well, continuing, my friend’s mum decided to look out for her son. And, manage to find him she did. It was from 1987 to 1990 when she was reconciled with her son ... briefly.

I guess he did understand his mother’s predicament. And so, he continues to stay in touch with his mum. That is even though he was staying at different locations. He even visited her occasionally. See, he did care for her.

Fast forwarding to 1998, 11 years ago (the last time my friend ever saw him), he was still working at Singapore then. His job had got something to do with hotel management. But, 1998 was the year when everything went awry. He seems to be nowhere. My friend’s mum couldn’t contact him no matter how much she tried to. She even contacted the other family (the family that adopted him). However, things didn’t look very promising though. The family seems to be hiding something.

Now that we are fast reaching the end of year 2009, there is not single news (at least a wind is still something). She is at wit’s end in searching for her son.

So, to Lee Chee Fai (if you ever read this), your mum misses you so very deeply. Do contact her and tell her that you are doing okay.

To whomever who know/recognize Lee Chee Fai, give me a buzz with your details (email of mobile number maybe) and I’ll direct you to my friend.

Till next post, bye.

Monday, June 1, 2009

A more than a months worth of summary ...

It had been more than a month since I last posted. I think I'll just summarized it all in numbers rather than explain in detail.

1) Streamyx modem went dead. Bought a new one and then asked my cousin to configure it. It worked. Somehow, through the router, I couldn't access to some websites ... like Facebook, MSN, Hotmail, Blogger...still couldn't figure it out though...

2) Fell sick. Fever, flu, cough and cold. But, recovered quickly.

3) Cough continues ... and it gets worse. Breathing problems and tiredness follows. (I thought it was a normal cough ?)

4) Everything went from bad to worse. Went to hospital for a thorough checkup. Blood, x-ray and urine was taken.

5) X-ray shows a pretty bad lungs ... with black spots on some part of my lungs (holes?). Doctor suspected I had pulmonary tuberculosis. Was admitted to hospital immediately for further testing.

6) All kinds of testing was done. Blood was taken several times too. After 3 days, doctor confirmed that it was certainly pulmonary tuberculosis. I was however giver anti-tuberculosis 2 days ago. Went back home on day 3.

7) I was to rest at home and wear a mask to protect my family from tuberculosis. I had been resting for more than 2 weeks already.

8) Am thankful than although I started working only like ... almost 3 months ... my superior was very understanding. They told me to care for my health first before coming back to work. Thank you so much :)

9) Am also thankful to my parents for the all the care. Not forgetting, my relatives too who had been so worried. I knew all along that I am not alone. Thank you so much :) What am I without my parents and relatives ... not imagining ... not imagining !!!

Too all, I am doing fine here, thank you. I am taking my medication on time. I am resting a lot too now since I get tired easily. My weight drops dramatically as my body uses up all my energy and strength to fight tuberculosis. I am kind of skeletal now, yes I am.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Raja Chulan Pondan on the loose !!!

It has been really that tough these days for me to find a day where I can write and post a new entry. Either I have no time at all or I am too tired to write something. I certainly have to find a way around to solve this problem. So, my dear , I am not abandoning my blog for your information.

Anyway, last week, I received an email from one of my colleague telling everyone to beware. Apparently, there is a transvestite on the loose attacking people at random ... particularly women. More on this later. That transvestite is dubbed the 'Raja Chulan Pondan'.

The image of a pondan attacking people on the street is scary and unimaginable. This is an evil crime ! What more, my office is located at Jalan Raja Chulan. Well, wait till you see the photo of the pondan !!! Hehe ...

Some of you may think that "Well, here goes another email telling us all to be careful and to email it to all people on your mailing list if you love your mum, girlfriend, sisters" or "Oh! Not another spam" email. Well, it is not. Malay Mail and The Star reported this particular news in their respective newspaper.

(I usually email everyone whenever I got such emails. No harm to be extra careful eh).
Rampaging ‘Chulan Pondan’
Latest victim, a lawyer, fears he may continue attacking people
By Teoh El Sen
Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

AT least four women and a teenager are believed to have been assaulted for no apparent reason by a mentally unstable transvestite, dubbed “the Chulan Pondan”.

Often seen prowling the streets of Jalan Raja Chulan, the suspect is said to be a transvestite and is described as dark, tall, sporting chin length hair and muscular.

One reader, enraged that she was punched and hit last Saturday without provocation, contacted Malay Mail. “I was crossing the road when I saw a “man” charging towards me. He gave a painful hook with his right fist which hit my left cheek.

The force was so great that I fell, screaming for help,” said the 37-year-old lawyer working at the Weld Tower who wished to be known only as Goh. “But he continued to kick me in the buttocks and also my lower back, but luckily, a passing motorist honked and stopped to chase,” added Goh, who’s doctor had advised her to rest for a month from the inflammed injury to her spine. “He didn’t take my bag.

His eyes were boiling with hate, it was purely a hate crime. I don’t want more women hurt.

I feel that he is getting bold with each attack,” said Goh. She had also made her own investigations following the incident and managed to locate three other women who had been similarly assaulted.

It is learnt that a woman was punched in the face, causing scratches near the eyes, on March 22 by the same individual, who later had ran away shouting after the attack. Maniam, 40, a bank manager working in the area said:

“This psychopath shouldn’t be left on the streets.”

He added that his son was harassed by the same person about six months ago. He also witnessed a teenager being assaulted with a shoe at the Pavillion by the same person.

Security supervisor of the Weld Tower, Zainal Abu Bakar, believes that the person may have been involved in at least four attacks.

“We believe he sleeps at the bus stop at Jalan P. Ramlee, and he may not be mentally stable as I have seen him drinking water from the trash,” said Zainal. Malay Mail contacted Dang Wangi police last night, but they declined to comment.

Source : Malay Mail
Not only that, The Star also reported exactly the same case.

Police looking for transvestite who attacks women at random
Saturday April 18, 2009

KUALA LUMPUR: Police are investigating claims that a transvestite has been randomly assaulting women in the city’s Golden Triangle area since late last month.

In the latest incident at about 9am last Saturday, a 37-year-old lawyer was punched on her left cheek and repeatedly kicked by the transvestite, known as Chulan Pondan, who is in his 30s.

The lawyer, Goh Siu Lin, when contacted, said she was walking towards the Weld supermarket on Jalan Raja Chulan when the transvestite approached from the opposite side of the road.

“He came right in front of me and punched me. I fell, and he kicked my buttocks and lower back. He only stopped when two motorcyclists came to my aid and chased him away.

“I suffered inflammation of my lower spine due to the attack. If not for the passers-by, I could have been paralysed.

“It was an unprovoked attack, and what’s even more frightening is that several other women had also suffered the same fate.”

Goh said she met six other victims who claimed to have been attacked by the transvestite.

“The man is dangerous. None of us provoked him. He can’t go around hurting people for no reason. I want the police to take action.”

Goh described the transvestite as tall, tanned, well built, with long hair, and well groomed.

Dang Wangi district police chief ACP Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman said police had recorded a statement from Goh.

He said that police would send the transvestite for psychiatric evaluation once they pick him up.

So, yeah, there you have it ... a pondan on the loose around my working area punching and attacking women.

You must be guessing why I mention 'particularly women' previously. According to the email, 3 other victims have been identified.
a) a woman (from MSIG Weld Tower) was punched on 13th April 2009;

b) An AmBank employee was punched on 4th April 2009 - her case was worse as he punched her head from behind, when she ran away, he chased after her and pushed her onto the road and proceeded to stamp on her back;

c) A staff working at GNC in Weld was punched on 22nd March 2009 and sustained cuts to the skin near her left eyebrow and corner of her eye. She thinks his fingernails caused this.
I have a feeling that he ... or rather, she ... is jealous of women. Women after all have the complete 'women' package. His .. or her (oh my, how should I call him/her? Lets address him/her as heshe okay!) mind goes all awry and confused. Poof ! As heshe couldn't think straightly anymore, heshe goes around letting go all the built up anger and frustration.

I know all of you have been waiting for this ... the pondan's look and appearence. People, please kindly find posted together herewith 'Raja Chulan pondan' for your reference. Doink !!!

As you can see, my office is located at Menara Olympia. Oh! What's with the pondan, walking in the middle of the road ? While heshe may not look like a women (point of view : face), heshe certainly has a body of a women already (point of view : body, breast).

So, to those who works along Jalan Raja Chulan, particularly around Menara Olympia, The Weld, Pavillion, Menara Cosway, etc., please BEWARE of the pondan !!!

Catch himher if you are brave enough (not recommended), but please do inform police if you catch a glismpe of himher. You can also certainly (1) run like there is a dog on the loose (2) give himher a run for himher money ... fight back and protect yourself.

It is up to you to decide. For me, I'll punch himher back if I am able to. Better still, I'll give himher a stunner. Then, I'll twist and turn with my bare hands till heshe is unconscious. Then, I'll place himher to a post lamp and twist the post lamp around himher for the police to catch himher later.

(Ooops! I think I am day dreaming a little way too far). Haha ... pardon me ...

(1) I do not look down on transvestite. The pondan above is just way too much for the public to handle ... the pondan is dangerous.
(2) Pondan = neither male nor female, male transsexual.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

12A floor ? 12B floor ? What kind of leval is that ...

It has been a week since my last post. I have been pretty busy of late : ) Well, that is what people call 'working life' like. Working life means less time spent with your family, friends, things you used to do and getting things done as well ( room is in mess!).

Okay! Enough about the puny rambling above. Look at the photo below.

What can you see ? If you guess 'cam-whoring' ... neh ... please guess again : ) You should know pretty well (after reading through most of my old post) that I don't cam-whore very much. Why would I want to cam-whore inside a lift ... and especially with CCTV recording my every move.

Where is 13th and 14th floor ? OMG ... What the hell is 12A and 12B floor anyway?

A : Hey! Where is your office?
B : Oh! My office is located at Menara Olympia, 12A floor...
A : ?????? (Hurh! Is it an extention of 12th floor? B is playing a fool with me hurh ...)

Well, actually, 12A is non other than 13th floor and 12B is of course 14th floor.

The lift you saw above is the lift located inside Menara Olympia, the tall building where my office is at. The owner of the building is a Chinese man. So, I am sure everyone can guess the reason why.

In Mandarin, 14 is pronounced as 'shi si'. In Cantonese, 14 is pronounced as 'sap sei'. In Hokkien, 14 is pronounced as 'chap c'. Basically in whatever dialect, 14 will reach to the same meaning- death.

LOL. It is no wonder that 14th floor is changed to 12B.

What about 13 floor then? In Mandarin, 13 is pronounced as 'shi san'. In Cantonese, 14 is pronounced as 'sap sam'. In Hokkien, 13 is pronounced as 'chap sna'. Hmm ... nothing bad about the word 13 whatsoever.

Friday the 13th ... anyone? Yeah, to the English, Friday the 13th is a day which superstition holds to be a day of bad luck. I know that a 13th day may not be a Friday. But, somehow, the superstitious has been rubbed in a little too deep. Now, the number 13 is officially a bad number surrounded by bad luck. As a conclusion, 13th floor becomes 12A floor.

My office is at 16th floor *wink wink* ... not 12A or 12B floor : )

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tsunami ... this coming 22nd July ? Seriously ... ?

Just received another interesting email (what's with all the emails these days eh?) ... a pretty serious claim if you asked me.

God know if this prediction is true or not.

I understand that there is so many ridiculous fake information and news circulating around the net. But yet, at the end of the day, it is better to take precaution rather than taking chances. Right ?

Anyway, according to the email, someone claim or rather, predicted that there will be another tsunami hitting on the 22nd of July. Countries which will be affected in a really bad way includes Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak), Singapore, Maldives, Australia, Mauritius, Si Lanka, India, Indonesia and Philippines. So, we are to avoid beaches and all low land.

What's your say ? Who can forget the sorrow of 26 December 2004 ... the day tsunami hit Indian Ocean which resulted in Asian countries close to the ocean being affected so very badly. I remember clearly the day before, I went to Genting Highland with my close relatives. We had lots of fun. The day after, tsunami came and killing mercilessly an estimated of 230,000 people. That is a LOT of people !

Seeing the footage of people screaming and crying is really that heartbreaking. Children loosing their parents ... parents loosing their children ... dead bodies floating around the sea ... etc. Such sadness is truly like glasses and pins piercing through the heart and brain of a person. If that incident were to happen to me (touch wood), I will be devastated. Life is meaningless anymore. Loosing loved ones is sad enough but loosing them so sudden and in such condition is something unimaginable.

Whatever, no matter where you are, what you are doing or whether if you believe it or not, just be very careful every hour, every minute and every second. Life is too precious !!!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A giraffe in quicksand ....

A friend of mine emailed me this hilarious episode about a giraffe who was stuck in a quicksand. Enjoy :)

I find the character giraffe is similar to a human behavior. While not everyone is like that, human generally tends to compromise on what they have in their life. When things didn't turn out the way it should, we may go through Stage 1 - Denial. We deny that the problem actually happens.

Giraffe : It's no big deal. It's probably not even quicksand. I'm gonna have a good laugh about this with another guy. Hahaha ... aha .. aha...

LOL ... how could that not be quicksand. Aren't you sinking, giraffe?

As things remain unchanged, we go through stage 2 - Anger. We blames everyone - whoever that crossed our path will be a victim of our shouting, blaming, swearing and cursing. The victim may not be the one to blame ... but literally they appears at the wrong time in the wrong place.

Giraffe : Well, this is just $%#@ perfect. Stupid quicksand. Stupid jungle. I'm gonna bite someone in the face. Mother $%#@. Mother $%#@. Mother $%#@. Arghh! That stupid jungle. Oh...$%#@ ......

OMG ... that is one damn angry giraffe for you. Pretty silly. (Don't you love this part...haha).

Cooling down a little, we find that being angry doesn't help one bit. Maybe GOD will sympathize and help us out as we keep our fingers crossed. That's stage 3 - bargaining for you.

Giraffe : Are you there God? Its me ... Giraffe. Listen ... if you would just give me a hooligan on this quicksand thing, I promised ... I promised ... no more peeing on your shoulder's creature. Erhh..hh..hh...We've got a deal ?

Downright pathetic ... after much cursing and blaming on about everything else, you think GOD will sympathize. Neh!

When nothing happens, the next best thing is to cry out loud. That's depression. Sometimes we may feel so much better after letting it out. We sympathize our self and that usually makes us feel better. Well. somehow unfortunately...

Giraffe : Urghhhhhhhhu rghhhhhhu rghhhhhh ... whaaaaa haaaa haaaaaa haaa haaa! Urghhhhhhhh urghhhhhh urghhhhhh ... whaaaaa haaaa waaaaaa weeeeee woo!

Okay ... that is even more pathetic ... silly silly silly ...

Finally, we accept our falling. Stage 5 - Acceptance ...

Giraffe : You know something, I'm cool with this. I bet ... I bet heaven has all the tender leaves I can eat. And everyone gets their own slurpy machines. Yeah! Take me sweet death. I await your loving embrace. "Tskh" Oh...what...I think I hit the bottom. $%#@.

Well, it's better to accept than to go rampaging about it. The mole is certainly smarter : )

The moral of the story - avoid quicksand. Avoid it like a plague. LOL ... joking.

Basically, we must never ever give up on things till we try very hard to mend it. There is no use complaining about it. Complaining will only makes everything even worse. The giraffe should have move so very slowly and bite on the grass by the quicksand bank to pull itself up. After all, giraffe has a long neck. As giraffe goes through all the stages, giraffe wasted precious time to save itself. While giraffe may not drown in the quicksand, giraffe may die of hunger later on however.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is Earth Hour a mere publicity stunt ?

Today I read an article from The Star with much interest. It is an opinion base article sent in by Marcus from PJ.
"Earth Hour is a mere publicity stunt"

I READ with amazement and irony the efforts of WWF Malaysia to latch on to the Earth Hour event and all the celebrities, media and corporations that have come up in support.

It is amazing that people are so easily taken in by a mere publicity stunt that fails at the very essence. Turning off our lights for one hour on one designated day of the year to save our planet surely is a PR event at best.

It shames the thousands of devoted people, government bodies, scientists and environmentalists that have for years been working on finding real solutions to address this global concern. Malaysians should see past this gimmick by international NGOs and start changing their lifestyles. Surely we can be more proactive and not be fed by an agenda of international bodies.

Why don’t we implement power conservation programmes, ride public transport on certain days in a month, car pool, etc?

It is also ironic that the organiser, WWF Malaysia, up until very recently, did not even have a climate change programme to begin with when all others (even local groups and individuals) have been persistent in their pleas for Malaysians to take action.

Remember, our leaders signed the Kyoto Protocol and there has been concerted movement towards reaching solutions. Please let us all be enlightened and move away from celebrations and gimmicks.

Petaling Jaya.
So anyway, this is to you Marcus of PJ. You are so damn wrong. This is not a gimmic or celebration!!!

Earth Hour is a global event whose objective is to raise awareness about this global concern. To save our planet and deal with global warming, first and foremost, we need to make sure that everyone is aware of what is happening, why we have to work together, why this matter is so important and etc.

What is the use of the thousands of devoted people, government bodies, scientists and environmentalists (who have been working for years to find real solutions to address this global concern) when no one cares nor aware to start appretiating all the hardwork?

What is the use of implementing power conservation programmes, ride public transport or even car pool when no one is aware or care about it. What is the use then? Do you think people will implement all these by means of the name 'implementation'?

The answer is NO. They need to know why they need to do it. They need to know why they should be doing it. The need to understand the consequences of not doing it. They just need to know about it and the rest will come automatically (well, if they really cares ... but that's not the point).

They just can't implement it without knowing the reason why. And so, Earth Hour is created to educate and raise awareness. Why the hell do you think Earth Hour cropped out all of a sudden few years back?


So, come Saturday 8.30 p.m., if you want to turn off the lights in support of the event, please do so. Support the event and the planet. Enjoy the moment.

If you don't, it is certainly fine with everyone. Just remember the purpose of this event and that is all that matters. But do try to put a mental note to yourself to conserve energy, car pool, ride the public bus or whatever that takes to help our beloved earth out.

My motto (and it should be yours too):
A little makes all the difference. Nothing makes no difference.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

A sinseh, a massage and a wrapped ankle

Few weeks ago, I rambled about my troubled leg (read it here). It had gotten worse of late and so, I went searching for a 'sinseh' (Chinese traditional doctor).

At one look, he knew something was not right with my leg. He told me that I hurt/twisted/sprained my ankle many years ago. Well, I don't quite remember hurting anything all this while. I had been guessing all this while that I walked way too much (a.k.a abusing my legs).

He took his medicine (ointment or something) out, placed some on my ankle and start massaging the troubled part. It hurts at some point when he massaged a little too hard. After like 10 minutes, he went for the next leg.

Frankly speaking, it felt so much better after the massage. To heal a little faster, he recommended his herbal paste to be placed on my ankle and around. Well, so long as it heals I am so gonna into it.

The smell of the herbal paste was extremely strong and smelly. Nothing much to be surprised here. After all, almost all Chinese medicine smells something like that - bitter, smelly, awful, etc. But hey, it work wonders.

While the paste was burning hot, he placed it onto my ankle. Ouch! Then, he proceeded to wrapping my ankle and around with several layers of plasters, gauze roller bandage, tissue paper and paper tape. I was not to take it off till Monday! Ohmy ... don't mention about smelly foot/leg to me.

One more day to go ... wee ... looks like I am going to work on Monday with my ankle being wrapped. A long pant, a sock and a shoe will definitely help keeping my wrapped leg hidden. Shhh!!!

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Anything! ... Up to you! ... Whatever!

A : "Let's go for lunch. What you want to have for lunch?"

B : "Erm ... up to you la ... anything also can ..."

Have you ever been in such a situation? I am sure you have :) In fact, I must and do admit that I am one of them who will always have 'anything' for an answer. Seriously, I really don't mind. I am not a fussy guy or whatsoever.

As the Chinese will always say ... "cin cai la ... ha mi to eh sai eh la ... men ma huan" (whatever la ... anything also can ... no need to be so troublesome). The truth is, and I certainly just found out, that, it is actually more troublesome if one has anything for an answer.

I brought this up because me and my colleagues were in a chat the other day during lunch time about a person who always had 'anything' for an answer. And, it was pissing this particular colleague off!!! My colleague's story is very similar to this little comic I am posting right now (Wan-Yi, thanks for the comic). People, enjoy :)

I was like 'Arrrr ... please just knock that character on the head will ya !!!' For Pete's sake, when you say 'anything', make sure you meant it. Please don't give silly irritating answers and suggestions.

I am nothing like that idiotic character above. I can assure you that. *wink*

You know, maybe someone should open a 'anything/whatever/up to you' restaurant or shops. For example, 'The Anything Restaurant' with a cool dice system thrown into it. People can just trow the dice to decide what to eat. No thinking is involved. Ain't it cool ...

Anyway, aren't we lucky that Jusco and 7-eleven is selling Anything? and Whatever? for quite some time already.

A : What you want to drink?

B : Erm ... whatever la ... anything also can

A : So you want anything or whatever

B : Arrr ... I said anything already lol ... whatever also can la ...

A : @$#%@^#@#%&^@$%

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

One Year Ago Today ...

One year ago today ... is a day I will never ever be able to forget.

One year ago today ... I thought it was almost the end of me.

One year ago today ... I realized how precious a life can be.

One year ago today ... has change me a little as a person.

It has really been a year since the incident where I am beaten profusely and mugged. A scar, a mark or whatever you may call it, I have learn to just let it go. I am now pretty much fine and good to go.

Never walk alone in the wee hour of the morning/night. If you have no choice, try to get someone to accompany you. Avoid shop lots with dark narrow lanes. Avoid it like a plague. If you have to, walk by the road side. Better still, walk along the main road. Walk together with bigger crowds. Last but not least, be careful wherever you are. Be more aware of your surroundings.

You won't have time to react. These monsters will just jump onto you all of a sudden and make their moves. And, they come in a group of 3 - 4 person. They will keep a lookout for victims. You certainly won't be able to recognize the bad from the good by just looking at strangers. When they meant it, you won't have a chance. A monster in disguise pretty much sums it all up.

FYI, the incident one year ago today happens in the lanes between shop lots along Lebuh Pudu. You can basically see Menara Maybank upfront. This area is muggers' favourite hotspot. I still walk there pretty much everyday. But I am more smart now one year later today. So no worries :)

KL is a very charming city. I love KL. But, things changes through time. Due to the 'so in the box' brains of the local authority and various party, Kl becomes less charming and over crowded with foreign workers. Some are nice and well behaved. Many are not though. When they couldn't find a proper income here in KL, they become muggers, pic pockets and etc. There are basically everywhere ... in rapid KL buses, on the road, in China Town (more like foreign worker town now) .... I am not being bias here! But, you can easily see it for yourself how they bring their dignity, behavior and names upon themselves.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

F * * K You (Explicit)

The other day I was reading through Sunday Star newspaper. Flipping through, I stopped at music section and I was like ... "Wow! Lily Allen's second album was already released". Yay!

I have been a fan of Lily Allen since her critically acclaimed debut album 2 years ago. 'Littlest Thing' has got to be my favourite. Lily is a British singer songwriter, known for her sweet saccharine pop songs. I know you must be thinking that yeah, she is just another spoiled pop star. Nothing special whatsoever.

Well, no she is not. I can assure you that. She is the smartest songwriter in the business. She has something unique which will definitely distant herself from the rest ... particularly Katy Perry. Her songs are very catchy and easy to dance to. But, what you truly need to do is to listen to the lyric of her songs. There is a story behind every song. Remember 'Alfie' where she sings about her brother ... or 'LDN' where she sings about London ... or 'Smile' where she sings about her ex-boyfriend

One song that caught my attention this time is this song called - F**k You. Hurh, you say! Sounded obscene and rude isn't it. Haha. Well, you've got to listen to the lyric to know what the song is about. This song has been playing in my head for a couple of days now.

F**k You is actually her very own farewell song to the man that is George Bush. It may be old news to us now. Though this song is a harsh commentary on the Bush years, the song presents itself in a sarcastically upbeat tone. The first time I heard it, I was like ... LMAO ... this is so funny. Listen to her British accent too. I find British accent very sexy and attractive lol.

If you do have the time, do search for the 'censored' version of 'F**K You'. This version is so very silly. I can't help but to laugh each time hearing it. Okay. Imagine each time the lyric 'F**K You' came up, it is replaced with the sound of animals. I heard the sound of horse neighing, chicken clucking, cat meowing and duck quacking. LMAO !!! Damn funny ...

What are you waiting for? Dedicate this song to someone you hate ... you don't have to harbor the anger ...

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

My first week working at Mediavest

It has been a week since I posted anything new here. In my previous post, I mentioned that I will start working this week. Its the end of the week :) How is it then? Hmm! ... All I can say is thank God everything went smoothly.

I was pretty tired each time I reached home. Thus, I was tired and my mind was empty. So, blog was neglected. I did reply to all the kind comments though :)

You see ... my office is located at Menara Olympia, Jalan Raja Chulan. Me, I live in Section 25 Shah Alam. Without all the silly traffic jams and the bad weather, I can basically reach office or my home in around 30 - 45 minutes. But, as KL being KL and Federal Highway being Federal Highway, it is not possible.

I took a bus on Monday at 7.00 a.m. to Pudu. It took me 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach my destination. The worse thing was standing all the way there. Damn! Going back, again I took a bus home. Guess what, the queue was so damn mighty long. I ended up standing all the way home. Again, damn! I reached home in a pretty bad mood!

To avoid another 'Monday', I took KTM commuter to work. I drove to the nearest station, parked my car there and took the 7.04 a.m. train. Okay, damn again! The train was pack with passengers. On the way to KL Central, the train became more and more pack ... like a can of sardine. On the bright side, the train took 45 minutes to reach KL Sentral. From there, I took LRT to Masjid Jamek. Damn! There was so many people queuing up to enter the train. I had no choice but to wait a little longer to get a place in the train. It was certainly more pack than a can of sardines ... a pancake really! On my way home, gosh ... the weather was so bad. As I reached Masjid Jamek LRT station, I was wondering why everyone was standing at the entrance of the station. An officer told me that LRT was suffering from a power failure. Not wanting to waste any more time there, I walked to the good old KL railway station for the next commuter back home.

Basically, Tuesday was just as bad as Monday ... lol. Wednesday to Friday was much better. Though I had to stand all the way, there was less disruption. I avoided LRT for good. From now onwards, I will only take commuter to work. The downside of it is that I have to walk a little further to reach my office and back to the old railway station.

If you read my previous post, I am sure you will be thinking that I am walking too much again. Well, what choice do I have? I try to walk in a more relax way ... not too fast and not too much force already. What more can I do?

Other than all the troubles getting to my office, everything went well in the office. I will be taking over from my colleague, Mei, who left the company Friday yesterday. Frankly speaking, I haven't even master much of her job scope. I am a little nervous right now thinking how am I gonna survive and go through my new job scope next week. What am I to do?

Mei, thank you so much for your guidance, kindness and friendliness. If only you can work a little longer ... or don't leave at all. After all, I haven't even learn everything from you yet.

On the bright side, my boss Joanne Chong and my senior Wan-yi are very helpful, friendly and kind. I am glad and happy to be able to learn from them. On my first week itself, I already did several reports, a presentation and a briefing session besides getting to know and understand Mei's job scope.

As you can see from the image above, that's where I am sitting right now. Oops! Ignore my breakfast will you :) My desk is pretty messy at the moment. A lot of the things are not mine. But, I am not bothered to arrange as I will be shifting yet again next week to Mei's desk. So, I will just shift my notebook, some documents, my magazines and my stationery.

That's about it. Have a nice weekend ahead :)

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

On work and leg ramblings

It is the month of March now. And, March is a total stranger, at least to me. I will start working on the second of March. A little nervous ... yes ... how can I not?

My 1st day at work ... My 1st job after graduation ... My 1st step towards my 'baby-like' career ... bla bla bla bla bla

Maybe I am pressuring myself a little too much. I do have high expectation and I intend to reach it sooner rather than later. Somehow, I am making a mental note to myself -
"Just do your best, okay. Don't think too much. Don't let your brain cause you mental restlessness."
The reason being that I am a person who are always tempted to take on too much, only to discover that I am unable to meet my commitments. My friends told me that I am always full of confidence and knowing what I am doing. The truth is that I am the least sure of myself. I am a huge self-doubter. As always though, I wouldn't dream of showing this side of me to anyone.

Okay, no more rambling for now. Last Monday, I went for a short simple medical checkup. I had been having pains in my legs for several months already. I thought it was a shin splint (Tibial Stress Syndrome) as it pained it that lower part area. Such injury is no laughing matter for your information.

Doctor: What is the matter with you?
Me: Both my legs are in pain. *Showing the doctor my legs*

Doctor: What do you think cause the pain? What have you been doing?
Me: I think I walk too much.

Doctor: How long your walk last usually?
Me: Erm, approximately 1 hour every day for more than a year the last 2 1/2 years. And, that's not even counting the time where I walk to school every day for 3 years many years back.

Doctor: Any other symptoms? Fever, flu, ...
Me: Nope. Only my legs.

Doctor: Put you leg up and let me have a look.
Me: *Show the doctor my leg*

The doctor did some simple diagnosis to see if there was something not right with my legs. I was actually hoping that the doctor would x-ray my legs. But, nope. The doctor told me that would be a waste of money. Even a full body checkup for me would be a waste of money according to the doctor. Apparently, to the doctor, I am still very young and that I will only need full body checkup when I am in my 30's. Hmm ... my brain tells me that it is not quite right.

After all the diagnosis, it ended up not like what I thought it would be. The doctor said everything was fine. Nothing was wrong. It was just a normal pain and I was given 30 tablets of paracetamol (What! 30 tablets ...). Well, either my self-diagnosis failed miserably or the doctor made a mistake.

What do you think I should do? Traditional medicine? Sinseh? Leave it as it is? I am putting some ointment every night right now! But, the pain is still there ... both leg.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Seal Hunt 2009 ... An Update

I had been a little slow at updating my blog this week :) I was actually hoping that the entry - 'Seal Hunt 2009' will sank in a little further and deeper among all my readers and visitors. Is it working? :)

As of this entry, I've got some little updates on the 'Seal Hunt 2009'.

The Bad News
  1. Apparently, the hunting of seals are happening right NOW!!! In Canada, provincial and federal officials authorized and endorsed the slaughter of around 2,200 grey seal pups earlier this month. Location: Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.
  2. This year, the slaughtering in Canada will be allowed until the 14th of March. About 20 to 30 sealers are expected to participate in this slaughtering. Seal pups will be herded into groups and clubbed to death. The age of the seal pups are around 8 weeks old. Tools used: Bat and Hakarpik - wooden bats with hammer head and metal hoot at the end.

The Good News
  1. However, it is good to hear that the hunt faced some tough challenges from the weather in some areas (mother nature is helping the seals too?). With a combination of bad weather and processing plant difficulties, the hunt which are to be commenced on Hay Island slowed to a halt. FYI, Hay Island is a Protected Wildnerness Area (What are them sealers doing there anyway?).
  2. The Russian government has banned the hunting of baby seals in the regions surrounding the White Sea. "Seal hunting is a bloody industry. It is clear that it should have been banned a long time ago" said Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Way to go, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. I hope Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper will take a leaf out of you!

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Seal Hunt 2009

As promised in "More 'click for a good cause' buttons right here....", here is a post on seal hunt.

What is seal hunt?
Seal hunt is defined as commercial hunting of seals for their meat, pelts (fur), skin and blubber (fat). Sometimes, seals are hunt to ensure the population does not reach undesired levels. Seal hunt is practiced widely by countries like Canada, Greenland, Norway, Namibia and Russia.

During Canada's annual seal hunt, hundreds of thousands of baby seals are killed in the most unimaginable and horrific ways. No doubt, seals stand no chance against club-wielding trappers. And, they must look on as fellow pups are bludgeoned to death before meeting the same bloody fate. They will have their skulls smashed in … or shot point-blank by hunters.

Now imagine this – the mother seal watches her baby being beaten to death. Can you then feel what the mother seal feels inside? - Anguish, heart’s broken, unparalleled pain, horrific, etc, she may even attempt to get to her baby … and possibly get killed herself.

Since 2003, over 1.7 million seals have been butchered. In 2008 alone, more than 205,000 individual seals were killed during the massacre. What puzzles me is that the government of Canada is willing to sacrifice everything (national reputation, wrath of taxpayers, economic hardship from boycotts) to continue their seal hunt which is nothing more than a money-making scheme orchestrated by professional fishers as well as make-work project for jobless fishermen.

Interestingly (and thank God), majority of the Canadians are opposed to the killing of seal pups. One of the best known is Rebecca Aldworth. She led a team of international photographers, journalists, and government officials on annual treks to the ice floes off the Canadian mainland to witness and document the barbaric cruelty of the seal hunt and to ask for their assistance in securing an end to the slaughter.

Watch this !!!
(warning: contain graphic images of seal hunt)

So, what can we do for the seals?
  1. Stop buying/wearing clothes containing materials made of seal!
  2. Boycott Canadian seafood products!
  3. Sign various petitions and pledges!
  4. Urge the Canadian government (through Canadian embassy in your country is possible too) to to call off the seal hunt!
  5. Spread the word - among your family members, friends ... whoever that will listen!
  6. Stay away from Canada while the hunt continues!
  7. Stop thinking that you can't make a difference. You can ... so long as you try! Canadian ... not Canadian ... who cares!!!
Take note! Canada Seal Hunt 2009 will start in about a month time!

Links to various petitions
Last but not least, a Facebook event (virtually of course) called 'Song of the Seal' will take place tomorrow at 1 p.m. So, do look out for it to find out what is it all about. For more information on seal hunt, you can visit:
So, lets take action NOW!
And thus, those seals will have a NEW BEGINNING!

I'll end this post with cute images of seals. Enjoy :)

(Now, do you want anything to happen to those cute innocent seals ... HELL NO!)

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am still trying to finish up my Sherlock Holmes ...

I bought a book I've been wanting to read all my life quite a few years back. I think it was either 2004 or 2005. I can't even recall it myself right now for whatever reason :)

The book is called THE ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATED 'STRAND' Sherlock Holmes The Complete Facsimile Edition. As you can see, the book is so damn thick as it is a complete compilation of every single published Sherlock Holmes' stories.

By the way, please tell me you've heard of Sherlock Holmes. I mean ... Sherlock Holmes is the most famous fictional detective of all time. So you must have heard of him right? ... Or else, you must be kidding me.

In case you have not, ...
Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Sherlock Holmes first appeared in a publication dated 1887. He is the creation of Scottish-born author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

A brilliant London-based "consulting detective", Holmes is famous for his intellectual prowess, and is renowned for his skillful use of astute observation, deductive reasoning and inference to solve difficult cases.

Historically, Holmes lived from the year 1881 at 221B Baker Street, London, a flat up seventeen steps, where he shares many of his professional years with his good friend Dr Watson for some time.

Dr Watson assesses Holmes's abilities as such:
  1. Knowledge of Literature.—Nil.
  2. Knowledge of Philosophy.—Nil.
  3. Knowledge of Astronomy.—Nil.
  4. Knowledge of Politics.—Feeble.
  5. Knowledge of Botany.—Variable. Well up in belladonna, opium and poisons generally. Knows nothing of practical gardening.
  6. Knowledge of Geology.—Practical, but limited. Tells at a glance different soils from each other. After walks, has shown me splashes upon his trousers, and told me by their colour and consistence in what part of London he had received them.
  7. Knowledge of Chemistry.—Profound.
  8. Knowledge of Anatomy.—Accurate, but unsystematic.
  9. Knowledge of Sensational Literature.—Immense. He appears to know every detail of every horror perpetrated in the century.
  10. Plays the violin well.
  11. Is an expert singlestick player, boxer and swordsman.
  12. Has a good practical knowledge of British law.
A popular pastime among fans of Sherlock Holmes is to treat Holmes and Watson as real people, and attempt to elucidate facts about them from clues in the stories or by combining the stories with historical fact.

Extracted from Wikipedia
So there you have it. I have to admit that this edition is so damn thick I haven't been able to finish it nicely and satisfyingly.

As I am rather free of late, I continued reading from where I left previously .... page 957. It took me several years just to reach that page LOL :) And, there is still approximately 200 pages left before I can stand tall and 'brag' to everyone that I have read every single Sherlock Holmes' stories.

On another interesting note, there will be a Sherlock Holmes movie out November this year. YAY! The movie will be featuring Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law as Dr. Watson, his stalwart partner. Can't wait ...

Okay. Now back to submerging myself in Sherlock Holmes.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

A song that keeps playing in my head ... argh!!!

Have you ever experience a kind of situation (well kind of) where a song keeps playing in your head? You can call it 'keep spinning in you head', 'stuck in you head' or whatever.

As a matter of fact, a song is playing continuously in my head right now. It has been days since I first heard that song.

The song bore in my head. The song won't let me go. I seriously need a cure right now! I really do ...

I was watching Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 8 (These Ties That Bind) the other day. When this song was played, I was hooked. The arrangement of the song was so intriguing ... so addictive.

I search for the song immediately. And, what a catch! (weee!). By the way, the song above is called 'Trouble is a Friend' by Lenka ... from her self-titled debut album released few months back. As the chorus goes:
He's there in the dark
he's there in my heart
he waits in the winds
he's gotta play a part
Trouble is a friend
Yeah trouble is a friend of mine. Oh! Oh!

So don't be alarmed if he takes you by the arm
I won't let him win, but I'm a sucker for his charm
Trouble is a friend
Yeah trouble is a friend of mine. Oh! oh!
So, to Lenka, trouble is a 'He'. To me, trouble can be a he or a she. But yeah, trouble is everywhere. Before we know what's going on, oops!, we are in trouble. You bad bad friend, trouble.

But anyway, Lenka is refreshingly upbeat. After listening to her album, I find that she is able to find a silver lining in just about every cloud. Oh, and she is very pretty too :)

Grey's Anatomy always have great music in their pocket I must say. Remember Inagra George's Fools In Love, Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars, KT Tunstall's Universe and U, The Bird and the Bee's Again and Again, Brandi Carlile's The Story, Sarah Melson's Feel It Coming and many more? Yeah, I hope you do. If you don't, what are you waiting for. Go hunt for it now!

Over the years, there are so many songs that get stuck in my head. And, it is not a good thing I can tell you this. The song will keep spinning every second every minute every hour. When you are driving, when you are sleeping, when you are studying, blablabla.

Not that I hated the song. No I don't. I love the song. But at times, I do need a moment of peace. We all need a moment of peace. A moment when nothing is in our head. A white space. A breathing space. A space without any intruders.

Gosh! I'm still hearing it in my head. Got to get my dose of 'Trouble is a Friend' now.

Before I go, tell me, what's your songs that get stuck in you head frequently?

Don't blame me if the song is stuck in you head. It's not my fault :)

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Koala ... thirsty and burned ... and more koalas

First of all, to those who have a Facebook account, please do join this particular group.


They are trying to win $10,000 to donate to the Red Cross Bush Fire Appeal.

Actually a competition, it is run by Samboy (a Chip Company) for the largest group with 'Samboy is Back' in their name.The Competition is not associated with the Bushfire Appeal. It is simply a competition with prize money, which the administrator of the group is trying to win to donate to the Appeal. The biggest group win's $10,000, and the largest group from each state also win's $1,000.

This competition started months ago and ends on Sunday February 15th at midnight (damn ... I only know about this group yesterday!). As of now, the group had 97,074 members. We can still make it!


I am sure most of you have read and heard about the story of the thirsty koala.

One furry survivor has emerged a star: a koala, nicknamed “Sam” by her rescuers, was found moving gingerly on scorched paws by a fire patrol on Sunday. Firefighter David Tree offered the animal a bottle of water, which she eagerly accepted, holding Tree’s hand as he poured water into her mouth — a moment captured in a photograph seen around the world."

“You all right, buddy?” Tree asks in a video of the encounter as he approaches the koala. Later, as Sam thirstily gulps from the bottle, he quips: “How much can a koala bear?”

Sam is being treated at the Mountain AshWildlife Shelter in Rawson, 100 miles (170 kilometers) east of Melbourne, where she has attracted the attention of a male koala, nicknamed “Bob,” manager Coleen Wood said. The two have been inseparable, with Bob keeping a protective watch over his new friend, she said.

Extracted from Catherine Sherman
Now that we know that Sam is safe and sound, isn't this something like a love story between Sam and her new partner Bob ... a koala love story.

While we read with interest and hoping that more and more animals are saved, not all are so lucky. There are kangaroo corpses lay scattered by the roadsides. Survived wombats emerged from their underground burrows to find blackened earth and nothing to eat.

Now, lets put our fingers crossed in the hope that the bushfire subsides ... and quickly too.

Look at the koalas. There are just so cute and we certainly don't want anything bad happen to such cute creatures right. So do all other animals ... and the woods, the environment, etc.

I'll leave you for now ... but not before another picture of koala ...

... apparently, this picture was taken before the fires. It was in a 4 day heat wave and the koala was on the ground searching for water. And, the koala plonked itself in this bucket of water. Awww!


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