Saturday, April 25, 2009

Raja Chulan Pondan on the loose !!!

It has been really that tough these days for me to find a day where I can write and post a new entry. Either I have no time at all or I am too tired to write something. I certainly have to find a way around to solve this problem. So, my dear , I am not abandoning my blog for your information.

Anyway, last week, I received an email from one of my colleague telling everyone to beware. Apparently, there is a transvestite on the loose attacking people at random ... particularly women. More on this later. That transvestite is dubbed the 'Raja Chulan Pondan'.

The image of a pondan attacking people on the street is scary and unimaginable. This is an evil crime ! What more, my office is located at Jalan Raja Chulan. Well, wait till you see the photo of the pondan !!! Hehe ...

Some of you may think that "Well, here goes another email telling us all to be careful and to email it to all people on your mailing list if you love your mum, girlfriend, sisters" or "Oh! Not another spam" email. Well, it is not. Malay Mail and The Star reported this particular news in their respective newspaper.

(I usually email everyone whenever I got such emails. No harm to be extra careful eh).
Rampaging ‘Chulan Pondan’
Latest victim, a lawyer, fears he may continue attacking people
By Teoh El Sen
Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

AT least four women and a teenager are believed to have been assaulted for no apparent reason by a mentally unstable transvestite, dubbed “the Chulan Pondan”.

Often seen prowling the streets of Jalan Raja Chulan, the suspect is said to be a transvestite and is described as dark, tall, sporting chin length hair and muscular.

One reader, enraged that she was punched and hit last Saturday without provocation, contacted Malay Mail. “I was crossing the road when I saw a “man” charging towards me. He gave a painful hook with his right fist which hit my left cheek.

The force was so great that I fell, screaming for help,” said the 37-year-old lawyer working at the Weld Tower who wished to be known only as Goh. “But he continued to kick me in the buttocks and also my lower back, but luckily, a passing motorist honked and stopped to chase,” added Goh, who’s doctor had advised her to rest for a month from the inflammed injury to her spine. “He didn’t take my bag.

His eyes were boiling with hate, it was purely a hate crime. I don’t want more women hurt.

I feel that he is getting bold with each attack,” said Goh. She had also made her own investigations following the incident and managed to locate three other women who had been similarly assaulted.

It is learnt that a woman was punched in the face, causing scratches near the eyes, on March 22 by the same individual, who later had ran away shouting after the attack. Maniam, 40, a bank manager working in the area said:

“This psychopath shouldn’t be left on the streets.”

He added that his son was harassed by the same person about six months ago. He also witnessed a teenager being assaulted with a shoe at the Pavillion by the same person.

Security supervisor of the Weld Tower, Zainal Abu Bakar, believes that the person may have been involved in at least four attacks.

“We believe he sleeps at the bus stop at Jalan P. Ramlee, and he may not be mentally stable as I have seen him drinking water from the trash,” said Zainal. Malay Mail contacted Dang Wangi police last night, but they declined to comment.

Source : Malay Mail
Not only that, The Star also reported exactly the same case.

Police looking for transvestite who attacks women at random
Saturday April 18, 2009

KUALA LUMPUR: Police are investigating claims that a transvestite has been randomly assaulting women in the city’s Golden Triangle area since late last month.

In the latest incident at about 9am last Saturday, a 37-year-old lawyer was punched on her left cheek and repeatedly kicked by the transvestite, known as Chulan Pondan, who is in his 30s.

The lawyer, Goh Siu Lin, when contacted, said she was walking towards the Weld supermarket on Jalan Raja Chulan when the transvestite approached from the opposite side of the road.

“He came right in front of me and punched me. I fell, and he kicked my buttocks and lower back. He only stopped when two motorcyclists came to my aid and chased him away.

“I suffered inflammation of my lower spine due to the attack. If not for the passers-by, I could have been paralysed.

“It was an unprovoked attack, and what’s even more frightening is that several other women had also suffered the same fate.”

Goh said she met six other victims who claimed to have been attacked by the transvestite.

“The man is dangerous. None of us provoked him. He can’t go around hurting people for no reason. I want the police to take action.”

Goh described the transvestite as tall, tanned, well built, with long hair, and well groomed.

Dang Wangi district police chief ACP Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman said police had recorded a statement from Goh.

He said that police would send the transvestite for psychiatric evaluation once they pick him up.

So, yeah, there you have it ... a pondan on the loose around my working area punching and attacking women.

You must be guessing why I mention 'particularly women' previously. According to the email, 3 other victims have been identified.
a) a woman (from MSIG Weld Tower) was punched on 13th April 2009;

b) An AmBank employee was punched on 4th April 2009 - her case was worse as he punched her head from behind, when she ran away, he chased after her and pushed her onto the road and proceeded to stamp on her back;

c) A staff working at GNC in Weld was punched on 22nd March 2009 and sustained cuts to the skin near her left eyebrow and corner of her eye. She thinks his fingernails caused this.
I have a feeling that he ... or rather, she ... is jealous of women. Women after all have the complete 'women' package. His .. or her (oh my, how should I call him/her? Lets address him/her as heshe okay!) mind goes all awry and confused. Poof ! As heshe couldn't think straightly anymore, heshe goes around letting go all the built up anger and frustration.

I know all of you have been waiting for this ... the pondan's look and appearence. People, please kindly find posted together herewith 'Raja Chulan pondan' for your reference. Doink !!!

As you can see, my office is located at Menara Olympia. Oh! What's with the pondan, walking in the middle of the road ? While heshe may not look like a women (point of view : face), heshe certainly has a body of a women already (point of view : body, breast).

So, to those who works along Jalan Raja Chulan, particularly around Menara Olympia, The Weld, Pavillion, Menara Cosway, etc., please BEWARE of the pondan !!!

Catch himher if you are brave enough (not recommended), but please do inform police if you catch a glismpe of himher. You can also certainly (1) run like there is a dog on the loose (2) give himher a run for himher money ... fight back and protect yourself.

It is up to you to decide. For me, I'll punch himher back if I am able to. Better still, I'll give himher a stunner. Then, I'll twist and turn with my bare hands till heshe is unconscious. Then, I'll place himher to a post lamp and twist the post lamp around himher for the police to catch himher later.

(Ooops! I think I am day dreaming a little way too far). Haha ... pardon me ...

(1) I do not look down on transvestite. The pondan above is just way too much for the public to handle ... the pondan is dangerous.
(2) Pondan = neither male nor female, male transsexual.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

12A floor ? 12B floor ? What kind of leval is that ...

It has been a week since my last post. I have been pretty busy of late : ) Well, that is what people call 'working life' like. Working life means less time spent with your family, friends, things you used to do and getting things done as well ( room is in mess!).

Okay! Enough about the puny rambling above. Look at the photo below.

What can you see ? If you guess 'cam-whoring' ... neh ... please guess again : ) You should know pretty well (after reading through most of my old post) that I don't cam-whore very much. Why would I want to cam-whore inside a lift ... and especially with CCTV recording my every move.

Where is 13th and 14th floor ? OMG ... What the hell is 12A and 12B floor anyway?

A : Hey! Where is your office?
B : Oh! My office is located at Menara Olympia, 12A floor...
A : ?????? (Hurh! Is it an extention of 12th floor? B is playing a fool with me hurh ...)

Well, actually, 12A is non other than 13th floor and 12B is of course 14th floor.

The lift you saw above is the lift located inside Menara Olympia, the tall building where my office is at. The owner of the building is a Chinese man. So, I am sure everyone can guess the reason why.

In Mandarin, 14 is pronounced as 'shi si'. In Cantonese, 14 is pronounced as 'sap sei'. In Hokkien, 14 is pronounced as 'chap c'. Basically in whatever dialect, 14 will reach to the same meaning- death.

LOL. It is no wonder that 14th floor is changed to 12B.

What about 13 floor then? In Mandarin, 13 is pronounced as 'shi san'. In Cantonese, 14 is pronounced as 'sap sam'. In Hokkien, 13 is pronounced as 'chap sna'. Hmm ... nothing bad about the word 13 whatsoever.

Friday the 13th ... anyone? Yeah, to the English, Friday the 13th is a day which superstition holds to be a day of bad luck. I know that a 13th day may not be a Friday. But, somehow, the superstitious has been rubbed in a little too deep. Now, the number 13 is officially a bad number surrounded by bad luck. As a conclusion, 13th floor becomes 12A floor.

My office is at 16th floor *wink wink* ... not 12A or 12B floor : )

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tsunami ... this coming 22nd July ? Seriously ... ?

Just received another interesting email (what's with all the emails these days eh?) ... a pretty serious claim if you asked me.

God know if this prediction is true or not.

I understand that there is so many ridiculous fake information and news circulating around the net. But yet, at the end of the day, it is better to take precaution rather than taking chances. Right ?

Anyway, according to the email, someone claim or rather, predicted that there will be another tsunami hitting on the 22nd of July. Countries which will be affected in a really bad way includes Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak), Singapore, Maldives, Australia, Mauritius, Si Lanka, India, Indonesia and Philippines. So, we are to avoid beaches and all low land.

What's your say ? Who can forget the sorrow of 26 December 2004 ... the day tsunami hit Indian Ocean which resulted in Asian countries close to the ocean being affected so very badly. I remember clearly the day before, I went to Genting Highland with my close relatives. We had lots of fun. The day after, tsunami came and killing mercilessly an estimated of 230,000 people. That is a LOT of people !

Seeing the footage of people screaming and crying is really that heartbreaking. Children loosing their parents ... parents loosing their children ... dead bodies floating around the sea ... etc. Such sadness is truly like glasses and pins piercing through the heart and brain of a person. If that incident were to happen to me (touch wood), I will be devastated. Life is meaningless anymore. Loosing loved ones is sad enough but loosing them so sudden and in such condition is something unimaginable.

Whatever, no matter where you are, what you are doing or whether if you believe it or not, just be very careful every hour, every minute and every second. Life is too precious !!!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A giraffe in quicksand ....

A friend of mine emailed me this hilarious episode about a giraffe who was stuck in a quicksand. Enjoy :)

I find the character giraffe is similar to a human behavior. While not everyone is like that, human generally tends to compromise on what they have in their life. When things didn't turn out the way it should, we may go through Stage 1 - Denial. We deny that the problem actually happens.

Giraffe : It's no big deal. It's probably not even quicksand. I'm gonna have a good laugh about this with another guy. Hahaha ... aha .. aha...

LOL ... how could that not be quicksand. Aren't you sinking, giraffe?

As things remain unchanged, we go through stage 2 - Anger. We blames everyone - whoever that crossed our path will be a victim of our shouting, blaming, swearing and cursing. The victim may not be the one to blame ... but literally they appears at the wrong time in the wrong place.

Giraffe : Well, this is just $%#@ perfect. Stupid quicksand. Stupid jungle. I'm gonna bite someone in the face. Mother $%#@. Mother $%#@. Mother $%#@. Arghh! That stupid jungle. Oh...$%#@ ......

OMG ... that is one damn angry giraffe for you. Pretty silly. (Don't you love this part...haha).

Cooling down a little, we find that being angry doesn't help one bit. Maybe GOD will sympathize and help us out as we keep our fingers crossed. That's stage 3 - bargaining for you.

Giraffe : Are you there God? Its me ... Giraffe. Listen ... if you would just give me a hooligan on this quicksand thing, I promised ... I promised ... no more peeing on your shoulder's creature. Erhh..hh..hh...We've got a deal ?

Downright pathetic ... after much cursing and blaming on about everything else, you think GOD will sympathize. Neh!

When nothing happens, the next best thing is to cry out loud. That's depression. Sometimes we may feel so much better after letting it out. We sympathize our self and that usually makes us feel better. Well. somehow unfortunately...

Giraffe : Urghhhhhhhhu rghhhhhhu rghhhhhh ... whaaaaa haaaa haaaaaa haaa haaa! Urghhhhhhhh urghhhhhh urghhhhhh ... whaaaaa haaaa waaaaaa weeeeee woo!

Okay ... that is even more pathetic ... silly silly silly ...

Finally, we accept our falling. Stage 5 - Acceptance ...

Giraffe : You know something, I'm cool with this. I bet ... I bet heaven has all the tender leaves I can eat. And everyone gets their own slurpy machines. Yeah! Take me sweet death. I await your loving embrace. "Tskh" Oh...what...I think I hit the bottom. $%#@.

Well, it's better to accept than to go rampaging about it. The mole is certainly smarter : )

The moral of the story - avoid quicksand. Avoid it like a plague. LOL ... joking.

Basically, we must never ever give up on things till we try very hard to mend it. There is no use complaining about it. Complaining will only makes everything even worse. The giraffe should have move so very slowly and bite on the grass by the quicksand bank to pull itself up. After all, giraffe has a long neck. As giraffe goes through all the stages, giraffe wasted precious time to save itself. While giraffe may not drown in the quicksand, giraffe may die of hunger later on however.

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