Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In what circumstances can we say "religion is important" and "religion is not important"?

Is your religion important to you? Are you comfortable with your current religion? What are you looking for in a religion? Etc ...

Well, many people faced these problems where they don't have any idea where their religion is leading them to. They are in it because they are born and raised in it. There isn't a sense of belonging inside as they just accept it and go through their daily life with so called "their religion" on their backs as though it is a daily chores. No, it can't be that way, right?

An email came to me earlier today with Dalai Lama's words attached. And, I am enlighten. What he said make so much sense. His words are like an arrow hitting straight to the bull's eye. There is no forcing in accepting a religion. It is all about the truth and the sensible wise advices. He said:

"The best religion gets you closest to God. It is the one that makes you a better person"

In another word, it means that a religion will be the best religion in the whole wide world if it makes all the difference to you. It does get you closer to God and because of it, you are what you are today!

I'm glad to say that I've been a Buddhist all my life. And yes, I do feel comfortable with my religion. I believe in it and I can see where it is leading me to. At times, I can sense that I am being protected and looked upon after. I've been through some really tough time in the past 2 years and it could have been worse.

I wouldn't dare to say that I am a good, kind, humble, etc human being because of my religion . But, I can say out loudly that I've tried my very best to be a better person and that is all that matters to me ... and to my religion. No single human is perfect after all, not even the wise Dalai Lama.
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