Monday, January 5, 2009

Save Brindi from Euthanasia !!! She is innocent ...

First and foremost, this entry is written in the 11th hour. It is written, extracted and posted rapidly to raise awareness as well as to save a dog named Brindi.


Brindi will be sentenced to death or life by tomorrow ... any moment now actually. It is up to us ... where ever you are ...

Brindi is a dog wrongfully seized for “euthanization” by the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

What you will be reading from now onwards are an extract from United Activists against Animal Cruelty and Save Bindi.

The story is as follow:

Brindi is a shepherd/lab mix. She never bit or even threatened a human. She was adopted in June 2007. Between September 2007 and April 2008, she had three minor incidents with dogs on her property line. Only one dog got medical treatment, for just one small puncture wound – no stitches needed. Her owner Francesca Rogier did everything she could to make it up to the other owners, including paying for the treatment.

Francesca and Brindi

On July 24, 2008, without notice, two animal control officers entered Francesca Rogier's home. They said Brindi is dangerous and must be put down. They immediately took her away, and now she lives in a cage, while her owner fights for both their lives. Having her dog seized sent her into shock. Work had started on a badly needed foundation for her home, but she had to halt it to save her dog. As a result she now lives without heat or water. Her fight is even tougher, because
  • 1. there is no appeal process;
  • 2. no municipal official can override the kill order; and
  • 3. she wasn’t charged with anything, so she got no day in court.
She was forced to hire a lawyer. Now she’s spent over $12,000, but thanks to delays by the city, she has yet to see a judge. A new January 5 date is likely to be further postponed. Her hopes of having Brindi home for Christmas have been crushed.

Free Brindi !!!

The NS SPCA, whose legal obligation is to protect all animals in Nova Scotia from cruelty, puts its financial interests above Brindi’s life. It gets over $300,000 a year to run the city pound. So Brindi is caged inside the SPCA’s own Metro Shelter. Worse, Metro expects Francesca to pay $25 a day for boarding, even if she loses. And if she loses, Metro will destroy her dog as part of its contract. Even more cruel, though no law forbids it, it upholds Halifax’s refusal to allow owner visits. Francesca hasn’t seen her dog since July 24.

This is cruel and unusual punishment by any standard! The case stands out in Halifax for its cruelty, largely because Animal Control By-law A300 fails to guard against arbitrary enforcement. Dozens of dogs commit worse offences, such as biting humans or killing chickens with less punishment. Since 2007 in all but one such case, the owners were fined. Some even managed to avoid the fine.

Free Brindi !!!

Brindi is a sweet-natured dog, gentle with children and the majority of dogs. The AC officers never saw her acting aggressively. She came from a first nations reserve, an abusive environment triggering protective behavior. However, she refrained from causing serious harm, so she did not attack to kill. This means special training can very likely correct her behavior. She’s already passed a tough obedience course, and learns easily. As part of her public promise to prevent further incidents, Francesca has hired a trainer, offered to pay a fine, and more importantly, built a secure fenced enclosure.

Brindi should be free to go home - now!

To understand more about Brindi, you can visit Francesca's blog (click here).

While it is now too late for me to be posting links to several petitions on Brindi's case, it is thus hoped that everyone is aware of what is happening around the globe ... especially the poor helpless animals.

What wrong did they ever do to us? Are we gonna let it out of our hands once more? Are we gonna let another 'Jonah' to happen? No, no and a no. It must be ended ...


Any updates regarding Brindi will be posted as soon as I got the wind.

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seekngsane said...

I am sad to hear of Brindi's plight. SAdly this is all too common as my dog bit someone who was walking on my "heels" when I was walking him at night in the "hood". He reported the incident and I had to pay a fine and quarantine my dog for 10 days! I think he wanted to mug me!! nuts!! Is just how insane the legal system is.


jasonmighty said...

Hi Seekngsane,

Thanks for the concern. Appreciate it a lot. Will be posting some updates very soon.

Warm regards.

Jason Law said...

Hi Jason, I have seen that you posted and love animals a lot. Is this your pure passion or job related too?

jasonmighty said...

Hi Jason L.

I do love animals. My passion... certainly one of them...I had too many ;)

I post what I post because that is as much as I can do right now... hand in my help whenever I am able to...animals/humans/whoever needed one...

Job related...not really...maybe I should think about it someday ;)

Thanks Jason for your support:)

Shelly C said...

Do the courts not know thta confining Brindi is one of the worst forms of animal cruelty, why do they think so many wonderful animals are euthanized...I really am just so dumbstruck by this whole mess~WHY are the courts wasting so much time on something that is clearly WRONG~ they need to give this women her pet back~Brindi from all that I have seen and Read is a wonderful loving animals~can you follish people please unloce the jail cell now and let her GO HOME~GOD I HATE HIGHLY EDUCATED IGNORANT PEOPLE!

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