Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pulmonary tuberculosis ... that is ...

One of the reason why I lost my blogging sense starting mid of 2009 all of a sudden is because I was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis.

 Under IV drips

Tuberculosis used to be one of the top killer disease in the world. It still is the top killer currently where more than 4 million people died from it every year. Having said that, tuberculosis can definitely be cured as effective drugs have been created to combat tuberculosis.
  Mantoux test (a diagnostic tool) on the 24/5/09 @ 9 AM. 
It was painful as tuberculin was injected into the skin.

Pulmonary tuberculosis is tuberculosis in the lung. Symptoms may include prolonged cough (I coughed for 4 months straight), chest pain, coughing out blood, fever, chills, night sweats, appetite loss, weight loss and fatigue. I had all of the above generally. Night sweats were particularly bizarre as I kept sweating majorly under the air-cond. It was so cold and I sweat.

Pyrazinamide (top left), Rifampicin (red in colour), Isoniazid (yellow in colour), 
Ethambutol (bottom right) & Pyridoxine (bottom)

20 years ago, patients were injected with drugs every single day for 6 - 12 months. Now, we had drugs in the form of pills. "Phew!". For 4 months,  I underwent intensive anti tuberculosis drugs in the form of pills ... every single day. Pyrazinamide looked like panadol. Rifampicin looked like normal antibiotic pills. Isoniazid was okay. Ethambutol was evil (bitter & yucky). Pyridoxine was actually the liver supportive - vitamin B6.

Healthy food to keep my weight up ... and up. 
To my cousin brother & cousin sister, thanks a lot :-)

Extra supplements to boost up my immune system. 
To my aunt & uncle, thanks a lot :-)

Humans needs to be remembered rather often on the things that matters the most. More than ever, I know I will always have my family and relatives to lean on to when I am not myself. 

My plate, bowl, mug, spoon & fork. 

As I was infectious then, I wore a mask every single day for 3 months. I had a separate eating ware specially just for me. I had my lunch and dinner separately (and alone) at the living room.
An improved lung. Previously, serious patchy areas could be seen on my 
right lung and part of the left. It only meant cavities and lesion.

When my condition improved after 4 months (October 09), I was given lesser drugs - only Rifampicin, Isoniazid & Pyridoxine. Everything seems to be going rather well. 

The amount as of drugs I had ... after 6 months

The amount of drugs I had up till now was tremendous. That is a lot! There is still 3 months to go before I am allowed to stop my medication.

Till then, have a nice day.

Friday, January 8, 2010

My neglected blog ...

I know I have neglected my blog for the longest time. My last post can be dated back to last year October the 4th. That is like ... 3 months ago. You tell me about it.

Well, here I am now, appearing all of a sudden. And, I am going to really work on my blog in the coming weeks. Oh, yes I am. It's about time to resurrect my blog back to the fore front.

Thanks for bearing with me all this while :)
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