Saturday, March 14, 2009

One Year Ago Today ...

One year ago today ... is a day I will never ever be able to forget.

One year ago today ... I thought it was almost the end of me.

One year ago today ... I realized how precious a life can be.

One year ago today ... has change me a little as a person.

It has really been a year since the incident where I am beaten profusely and mugged. A scar, a mark or whatever you may call it, I have learn to just let it go. I am now pretty much fine and good to go.

Never walk alone in the wee hour of the morning/night. If you have no choice, try to get someone to accompany you. Avoid shop lots with dark narrow lanes. Avoid it like a plague. If you have to, walk by the road side. Better still, walk along the main road. Walk together with bigger crowds. Last but not least, be careful wherever you are. Be more aware of your surroundings.

You won't have time to react. These monsters will just jump onto you all of a sudden and make their moves. And, they come in a group of 3 - 4 person. They will keep a lookout for victims. You certainly won't be able to recognize the bad from the good by just looking at strangers. When they meant it, you won't have a chance. A monster in disguise pretty much sums it all up.

FYI, the incident one year ago today happens in the lanes between shop lots along Lebuh Pudu. You can basically see Menara Maybank upfront. This area is muggers' favourite hotspot. I still walk there pretty much everyday. But I am more smart now one year later today. So no worries :)

KL is a very charming city. I love KL. But, things changes through time. Due to the 'so in the box' brains of the local authority and various party, Kl becomes less charming and over crowded with foreign workers. Some are nice and well behaved. Many are not though. When they couldn't find a proper income here in KL, they become muggers, pic pockets and etc. There are basically everywhere ... in rapid KL buses, on the road, in China Town (more like foreign worker town now) .... I am not being bias here! But, you can easily see it for yourself how they bring their dignity, behavior and names upon themselves.

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lina said...

That was a bad experience. Glad to know you learnt to let the bad experience go. And good to know that you are OK.
Yes, we need to vigilant of our own safety. We can't take it for granted now. It is simply not safe to walk alone in the city nowadays!

Lisalicious said...

wow, what a bad experience...

I am glad you've got over such trauma...

hope that scar will be gone in many years to come ...

Ahmike said...

Such lifeless they are! I am so sad of it. Government failed to control the situation, from bad to worse.

Thanks God anyway for you Jason.

м裏.jëиz said...

thank god you were safe from that incident. at least it made you a more careful and cautious person now. its just a bit unfortunate that you learnt it the hard way.

those muggers will one day pay the price for giving innocent people such trauma.

so just chill okie~

jasonmighty said...

Thanks. It certainly not safe to walk alone for sure. But sometimes that is the only way to go.

Thanks. Thanks to my family and relatives, I can move on pretty quick. I realized how important they are to me more than ever. There's no me without them!

Government failed...and miserably too. They acted upon it now...but...after all this time? How many fallen victims they need before they move their butt off their comfortable seats.

@Missjenz: I am chilled pretty quick after the incident. But one can't help but reminiscent those dark was only a year back...not too long ago...

Rich Dansereau said...

I am glad you are physically okay. Things like this often leave mental and emotional scars that don't always heal as quickly.

It seems you may have been attacked by immigrants and now harbor a generalized resentment of immigrants. Hopefully this horrible incident won't be the fuel for such negative feelings. Those who attacked you are obviously bad people but they cannot be used as the representation of immigrants on a larger scale.

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