Monday, February 22, 2010

Dog dragged by a motorcyclist ...

I posted news / issues on animals being tortured occasionally last year and I think I should bring the mentality forward. The public needs to be aware of what is happening around us and the world over.

Yes, I know I couldn't do much to save everything and anything. But, if this is as much as I can do, I will do it of course. The article below is taken from The Daily Chili of The Star Online. I'll just summarize it properly for better reading.
According to the article, a photo depicting a motorcyclist towing a chained dog while riding on a motorcycle on a highway in Fuzhou was uploaded to the internet by a netizen named Liu on Thursday. The photo sparked off public outrage in China.
It seems that Liu managed to grabbed a photo of the motorcyclist. Liu asked the man to stop but the man just sped off. The dog was said to be unable to bark due to the chain chained around its neck. Its four legs were bleeding too. 
Public who came to know about the photo and Liu's shout out demanded a search for that man to be made.
There you go. Dog being dragged along the road? What? What is going through inside the man's head anyway? Is it so fun to torture a living being? Is he excited by the screams and suffering look of the dog? I am puzzled. What had gone wrong in his upbringing by the way?

I am tired of all the animal torturing news coming from China. When my animal activist friends on facebook posted something on animals and how bad the animals in China were tortured, I felt really really bad and ashamed. They called all Chinese evil, terrible, torturing, hopeless and everything.

I know they only meant China Chinese. But hey, at the end of the day, we are still Chinese (though I am a Malaysian Chinese). I am proud of my Chinese heritage and I despise it when 'Chinese' is branded in that sort of way. At the very least, now, I can tell people that there are Chines who cared and understand that torturing another living being is a no-no.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Roarrrrrr .... Happy Chinese New Year everybody

It's the tiger year now. Tiger is the third zodiac animal among the 12 animals in Chinese calenders. Tiger is a symbol of power, strength and awe.

According to legend, the ferocious feline took third place in a race called by the Jace Emperor (Emperor of Heaven). All animals in the kingdom were invited to participate in the event. Tiger manage to claw its way across the river bank to reach the designated spot set. Hence, tiger was inducted into the Zodiac Years permanently.

Enough with the legend :) Happy Chinese New Year, people! May the tiger year be kind, generous and helpful to all. 

Please enjoy the ecard below. Click on the card to see the animated version. The tiger cubs are cute.

The 5 little tiger cubs represent the 5 elements - metal, water, fire, earth and wind.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Bye Bye Starcom & Hello there, Astro

I'm rewinding back to 2009 again. Hee!
My Blog reader: Oh well ... he is at it again. What the hell is he thinking off ... going back to the past when it is already February of 2010.
Well okay, there won't be any repeats here I promised. Just some necessary updates which I actually fail to update last year due to some unforeseen circumstances. Just read my older postings and you will know why.

With regards to the title of the post, I left Starcome Mediavest after a short 3 months stint [March to May 2009 :-( ] as a junior planner. I hadn't had the chance to continue with my media planning stuffs or even give a proper goodbye to some of my friends there. I left so abruptly. It was like 'I was still there the other day and I wasn't there anymore the next day.'

I enjoyed my 3 months stint there very much (not so much during the last month actually due to my health problem). I do missed my colleagues there and all the small little things like lunch together, chit chat, jokes, tea times, food exploring (oh how I miss Kin Kin's chilli pan mee) and etc.

Handling glamorous account like Richemont (think Montblanc, Cartier, Jaeger Le Coulter, Officine Panerai) was particularly challenging as I was not so well equipped yet with the necessary knowledge to handle it efficiently. Thankfully, my boss and senior - JC and WanYi was very patience with me through out,  guiding and teaching me all kinds of stuff. Thank You!

To all my other friends there - Marry, Liling, Lydia, Ker Harn and all of the rest - Thank You! I know it is kind of .... LATE. Hahaha ...

 My 'former' work station at Starcom

 My left over (and now unused) name cards

 The last cake I ate 2 weeks (I think) before I left. 
Apparently I had a cake of Takeshi Kaneshiro's nose on it.

So, farewell Starcom MediaVest. May the force be with you :-)

After feeling unwell for more than 3 months, I was getting much better and ready to get back to work. I decided to leave Starcom after I was given an opportunity (You know who you are. Thank You! Haha) to be interviewed for an open vacancy at Astro - On Air Promo team.

At the end of the interview with my now current boss, I accepted the offer. I daren't asked for any huge salary, high position or extra benefits as I knew then that I lacked the experience to be in the position to ask for anything. My time will come eventually. To me, it was all about the learning experience and gaining more knowledge.

I came in as an intern for a month, basically learning my new job scope and getting used to the new environment. As Astro needed some time to settle all the paper work and other stuff, I continued working there as a freelancer.

ABC - Astro Broadcast Centre

Working at Astro was a whole new experience for me. Everything was so different from the time when I was at Starcom. It took me some time to get used to it as a matter of  fact. I had more freedom and air to breathe  here actually. I was given the chance to explore and worked on things which hadn't been done previously. Not to mentioned, my colleagues and seniors who were very friendly, approachable and helpful. Thank You!

What more can I asked, right?
I was confirmed as permanent staff finally just a month ago and was eligible to have all the benefits Astro had to offer. So, a yay from me. Yay! My career resolution will be to get more things done and earn  myself a salary raise. Hehe. Also, I have been working on some stuff and am hoping to get it done. It is kind of a platform to a better tomorrow - for me and for the team, hopefully.

I may not be sure of what my future holds. Just looking at 2008 and 2009 are already making me shudder with fear, wondering if 2010 will be another hell of a roller coaster. I am optimistic about 2010 and I am going to use all my power (think 'The Secret') to make sure 2010 and beyond will be a good one. 

Hello there, Astro!
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