Wednesday, January 7, 2009

On freeing Brindi ... a dog who is seized for “euthanization” - Latest update

Hours have since passed. Rightly so, it has been more than a day since Brindi's case are heard on court.

Francesca holds up a photograph of her pet mix-breed dog, Brindi.
(Image taken from The Chronicle Herald)

Anxiously as I am, I have been checking the group 'Save Brindi' consistently for any news.

According to Francesca, there is no ruling yet and she doesn't know how long it will take. But she feels it went well.

During the court proceedings, Francesca is accompanied by 5-7 wonderful supporters.

Not only that, even the media is there early. More came at the end ... approximately 5 - 7 TV stations and probably some radio stations too.

Francesca Rogier speaks with a supporter outside the courtroom at the
Nova Scotia Supreme Court yesterday (Image taken from Metronews)

The appearance of the media clearly shows that Brindi's case is a special one.

The judge is reviewing all the new information he received and will certainly make his decision soon.

Francesca's lawyer Blair Mitchell was excellent ... from what I read thought the group.

So, there you have it. No decisions are made ... it may take days or even weeks. There is also a possibility that Francesca has to pay SPCA for all the time, money, and resources spent while looking after Brindi all this while. That should not be a problem as many kind supporters are willing to help out.

As of now, I think it is still not to late to sign a petition. It may very well work to our favour ... fighting to the very last minute (when ruling is made). Click here to access the petition.

I end my entry here with several links to several articles on Brindi and Francesca as reported by:Francesca and Brindi deserve a second chance !!! May Brindi be freed as soon as possible ...

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м裏.jëиz said...

i hope bindi will be fine. hopefully those people have a heart after all.

good luck bindi. we'll keep u in our prayers~

Anonymous said...

Brindi deserves better then an irresponsible owner like all she has had. Let her go and be adopted by RESPONSIBLE people so she will be safe and so will other pets. Let her be trained the way she should have been after the 1st, 2nd, 3rd time let alone be able to do it the FOURTH TIME.

Remaining anon so I don't get the threats and harassment others have gotten.

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder, what gives people like anonymous above, the right to comment with derrogatory remarks about the owner of this dog?
This dog, no matter what anyone says,(if you read reports) will see she is highly trainable. training a dog is like training your kids to do the right thing.
It takes forever,a lifetime, and they still manage to do the wrong things.
Same with a dog, You train & you train and you never seem to get it finished.
People make mistakes, Hell look at the Mayor of Halifax, and the clean Harbour. He made the mistake of not listening to councellors, who warned him, the system he paid millions of dollars on , would not be sufficient for Halifax runoffs.
Did he listen???
No He Did Not!!
Now look, Is it broken down? Yes.
Is the harbour clean?
can it be fixed without wasting more taxpayers money? No, they can't even find the problem.
So lets just lock him up in a cage,or better still lets toss him in the harbour, because he made lots of mistakes.
In his time as mayor, he has made at least 5, I have witnessed, and was in the news
This is just the most recent of his mistakes.
He is an "irresponsible" mayor, I guess according to the polls for the hate Brindi campaign, that would make him qualified.
You are full of hatred, if you don't want to help her get her dog back, then you don't give a damm.You just want to bash her(the owner). You are a hateful person, as no dog should have to be bounced around & live a life,that this dog has.
Just bloddy well send the dog home with it's owner.

Anonymous said...

I agree with sending Brindi home with Francesca. No owner can claim to be perfect or have a perfectly behaved dog. Francesca has done well with Brindi overall and Brindi still needs more training. Even a simple snug sweater could be of help in dampening Brindi's territorial behavior. And has anyone considered that she may have considered the other dog something to retrieve or perhaps one of her lost puppies? Francesca has given this dog the first good home she has ever known. Let the process continue and encourage the city and neighbours to give Francesca some support, while helping the neighbours feel safe. When I called the city, I was told that Brindi had mad 4 to 5 attacks on people and other dogs and this misinformation does not add to people's safety or understanding of where Brindi is coming from. Many dogs who do fine off lead, exhibit fear aggression when on lead and do not negotiate normally with approaching dogs. Little dogs and big dogs misread each other intentions and don't meet each other's expectations when it comes to behaviour. There is much that can done to help in this situation and people getting aggressive with each other isn't one of them. There are probably a lot of dog owners who could use some support in dealing with their dogs and the only way this can happen is if we build a society that is cooperative instead of adversarial. I would like to see these common dog and cat issues taken out of the political and legal arena and brought into a social network. Let the animal control and bylaws deal with the truely dangerous and truely abusive situations that would rate as criminal. Have the City build in supports like animal behaviourists, trainors, support groups, off lead areas in every neighbourhood, play parks, education around how different dogs communicate and can be managed safely, independent councilling, neigbourhood facilitators to help people resolve issues that inevitably arise. If this sounds too ideal, consider that our health and well-bieng as humans is interdependent on our relationship with our nearest and dearest which for many people is their pet, so it is an investment in health care both mental and physical.

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