Monday, February 22, 2010

Dog dragged by a motorcyclist ...

I posted news / issues on animals being tortured occasionally last year and I think I should bring the mentality forward. The public needs to be aware of what is happening around us and the world over.

Yes, I know I couldn't do much to save everything and anything. But, if this is as much as I can do, I will do it of course. The article below is taken from The Daily Chili of The Star Online. I'll just summarize it properly for better reading.
According to the article, a photo depicting a motorcyclist towing a chained dog while riding on a motorcycle on a highway in Fuzhou was uploaded to the internet by a netizen named Liu on Thursday. The photo sparked off public outrage in China.
It seems that Liu managed to grabbed a photo of the motorcyclist. Liu asked the man to stop but the man just sped off. The dog was said to be unable to bark due to the chain chained around its neck. Its four legs were bleeding too. 
Public who came to know about the photo and Liu's shout out demanded a search for that man to be made.
There you go. Dog being dragged along the road? What? What is going through inside the man's head anyway? Is it so fun to torture a living being? Is he excited by the screams and suffering look of the dog? I am puzzled. What had gone wrong in his upbringing by the way?

I am tired of all the animal torturing news coming from China. When my animal activist friends on facebook posted something on animals and how bad the animals in China were tortured, I felt really really bad and ashamed. They called all Chinese evil, terrible, torturing, hopeless and everything.

I know they only meant China Chinese. But hey, at the end of the day, we are still Chinese (though I am a Malaysian Chinese). I am proud of my Chinese heritage and I despise it when 'Chinese' is branded in that sort of way. At the very least, now, I can tell people that there are Chines who cared and understand that torturing another living being is a no-no.


kenwooi said...

that's just inhuman!

Lisa A. said...

Fucking sick slant eyed fuckers! I wish them all a painful death and to burn in hell!! If I was able, I would kill you all personally!

Kyler Kromer said...

I hope this guy fucking get killed by firing squad f
or what he did to the dog

Anonymous said...

Yes. The Chinese are heartless. All of them. All kinds.

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