Sunday, December 14, 2008

A grieving dog and a crushed dog ...

Literally, the photo below speaks for itself.

The dog is grieving for its friend who died after being poisoned by the authority of Eskisehir, Turkey.

A lot of street dog in Turkey go around in pairs. One day however, a death squad came and poisoned one of them.

Hearth breaking indeed. It goes to show how loyal and loving is a dog compared to a lot of human beings.

The coming photo is a latest case in a series of dogs being treated cruelly.

Look at its right leg ... poor thing !!!

The dog you saw above is named Badem.

(Gosh, Badem looks a lot like my dog - Max!!! ... only a little younger and darker)

Badem is crushed and is only found 4 - 5 days after the accident.

Her right front foot and back left leg is totally broken.

If you want to help Badem, please do give me a buzz. I'll direct you to the right person !!!

The Beginning of animal cruelty is a tough probability to be solved. So, when can we End all of this? I know ... its like asking the sky to rain gold eh ... practically possibly impossible !!!


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shaxx said...

That is really bad... :(

marccus said...

omg.. this is so not right! >.<

Jason Law said...

Pity one, it must be deeply suffered in pain...

renaye said...

that is so cruel!!!!! hope the person who did that will get retribution even worse!

Lisa A. said...

Fucking sick Turkish piece of shit fuckers! I wish them all a painful death and to burn in hell!! If I was able, I would kill you all personally!

Anonymous said...

I was looking on the internet and I came across this blog. Thank you for shraring this. I hope every person that reads this will try and help these poor animals.I just read the story about Jonah and I was crying soo much and even my heart started hurting. God bless you . I might not sound like it but im only 11 and sadly there is nothing I can do but try and convince the people to help them. Thank you again.

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