Friday, February 27, 2009

Seal Hunt 2009 ... An Update

I had been a little slow at updating my blog this week :) I was actually hoping that the entry - 'Seal Hunt 2009' will sank in a little further and deeper among all my readers and visitors. Is it working? :)

As of this entry, I've got some little updates on the 'Seal Hunt 2009'.

The Bad News
  1. Apparently, the hunting of seals are happening right NOW!!! In Canada, provincial and federal officials authorized and endorsed the slaughter of around 2,200 grey seal pups earlier this month. Location: Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.
  2. This year, the slaughtering in Canada will be allowed until the 14th of March. About 20 to 30 sealers are expected to participate in this slaughtering. Seal pups will be herded into groups and clubbed to death. The age of the seal pups are around 8 weeks old. Tools used: Bat and Hakarpik - wooden bats with hammer head and metal hoot at the end.

The Good News
  1. However, it is good to hear that the hunt faced some tough challenges from the weather in some areas (mother nature is helping the seals too?). With a combination of bad weather and processing plant difficulties, the hunt which are to be commenced on Hay Island slowed to a halt. FYI, Hay Island is a Protected Wildnerness Area (What are them sealers doing there anyway?).
  2. The Russian government has banned the hunting of baby seals in the regions surrounding the White Sea. "Seal hunting is a bloody industry. It is clear that it should have been banned a long time ago" said Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Way to go, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. I hope Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper will take a leaf out of you!

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м裏.jëиz said...

"Seal hunting is a bloody industry. It is clear that it should have been banned a long time ago" said our very own Malaysian princess Jenna.

how could they do that to such fluffy, loveable, and hugable, bolster-like cuties~

Arika said...

People say poor seals they are innocent stop seal hunting and then go and eat steak dinner or wear leather shoes..
it's the same thing.
Poor baby cows and chickens :(

KNizam said...

so bloody rite

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