Saturday, February 21, 2009

Seal Hunt 2009

As promised in "More 'click for a good cause' buttons right here....", here is a post on seal hunt.

What is seal hunt?
Seal hunt is defined as commercial hunting of seals for their meat, pelts (fur), skin and blubber (fat). Sometimes, seals are hunt to ensure the population does not reach undesired levels. Seal hunt is practiced widely by countries like Canada, Greenland, Norway, Namibia and Russia.

During Canada's annual seal hunt, hundreds of thousands of baby seals are killed in the most unimaginable and horrific ways. No doubt, seals stand no chance against club-wielding trappers. And, they must look on as fellow pups are bludgeoned to death before meeting the same bloody fate. They will have their skulls smashed in … or shot point-blank by hunters.

Now imagine this – the mother seal watches her baby being beaten to death. Can you then feel what the mother seal feels inside? - Anguish, heart’s broken, unparalleled pain, horrific, etc, she may even attempt to get to her baby … and possibly get killed herself.

Since 2003, over 1.7 million seals have been butchered. In 2008 alone, more than 205,000 individual seals were killed during the massacre. What puzzles me is that the government of Canada is willing to sacrifice everything (national reputation, wrath of taxpayers, economic hardship from boycotts) to continue their seal hunt which is nothing more than a money-making scheme orchestrated by professional fishers as well as make-work project for jobless fishermen.

Interestingly (and thank God), majority of the Canadians are opposed to the killing of seal pups. One of the best known is Rebecca Aldworth. She led a team of international photographers, journalists, and government officials on annual treks to the ice floes off the Canadian mainland to witness and document the barbaric cruelty of the seal hunt and to ask for their assistance in securing an end to the slaughter.

Watch this !!!
(warning: contain graphic images of seal hunt)

So, what can we do for the seals?
  1. Stop buying/wearing clothes containing materials made of seal!
  2. Boycott Canadian seafood products!
  3. Sign various petitions and pledges!
  4. Urge the Canadian government (through Canadian embassy in your country is possible too) to to call off the seal hunt!
  5. Spread the word - among your family members, friends ... whoever that will listen!
  6. Stay away from Canada while the hunt continues!
  7. Stop thinking that you can't make a difference. You can ... so long as you try! Canadian ... not Canadian ... who cares!!!
Take note! Canada Seal Hunt 2009 will start in about a month time!

Links to various petitions
Last but not least, a Facebook event (virtually of course) called 'Song of the Seal' will take place tomorrow at 1 p.m. So, do look out for it to find out what is it all about. For more information on seal hunt, you can visit:
So, lets take action NOW!
And thus, those seals will have a NEW BEGINNING!

I'll end this post with cute images of seals. Enjoy :)

(Now, do you want anything to happen to those cute innocent seals ... HELL NO!)

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Andrew said...

omg... those seals damn cute lo.... =( seriously kena hunt ar??? aiyo.... sad sad....

lina said...

really barbaric act. :( Very kesian of the seals.

David said...

OMG, those picture d@Mn cute!! hahas! nice! dropping by!!

м裏.jëиz said...

so cuteeeee!!!!! it looks like a bolster!!!

i want a seal bolster~~~

Lisalicious said...


Whenever i stumbled across such news/articles , this stuff sort of like make my heart bleeds for it ..and really, it spoilt my day totally !!

shit! wtf human thinking man, killing so much seals!!!! damn it

jasonmighty said...

@Andrew: may even be happening the season is approaching.

@Lina: Yup. Pity them...they are innocent...

@David: Thanks for dropping by :)

@Missjenz: I hope what you really meant is a fake seal bolster made of synthetic material seal fur k :)

@Lisa: I am with you. I feel terribly sad too. (oops...sorry if I spoil your day). But, it is up to us to help spread it out wide far so that it can be stopped. I intend to post up more of this stuff :)

Rich Dansereau said...

Very cute creatures. This is a barbaric practice that I was unaware occurred. Thanks for bringing it to light.

Tulip's Talking said...

I can barely see to type this. My eyes and heart almost immediately filled with tears.

The slaughter photographs are horrific, making the "cute" photographs even more difficult to bear.

This is a disgrace.

Who do you think you are? There is a place waiting for you ... and its not ^ there!

jasonmighty said...

@Rich Dansereau: You are welcome. The hunt is gonna start. I am hoping we can at least do something to stop it :)

@Tulip: Sorry if the photos makes you feel down and sad. But it is needed to be done to tell people about this travesty. Those people who hunt seals certainly will not be going ^ there!!!

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