Sunday, March 1, 2009

On work and leg ramblings

It is the month of March now. And, March is a total stranger, at least to me. I will start working on the second of March. A little nervous ... yes ... how can I not?

My 1st day at work ... My 1st job after graduation ... My 1st step towards my 'baby-like' career ... bla bla bla bla bla

Maybe I am pressuring myself a little too much. I do have high expectation and I intend to reach it sooner rather than later. Somehow, I am making a mental note to myself -
"Just do your best, okay. Don't think too much. Don't let your brain cause you mental restlessness."
The reason being that I am a person who are always tempted to take on too much, only to discover that I am unable to meet my commitments. My friends told me that I am always full of confidence and knowing what I am doing. The truth is that I am the least sure of myself. I am a huge self-doubter. As always though, I wouldn't dream of showing this side of me to anyone.

Okay, no more rambling for now. Last Monday, I went for a short simple medical checkup. I had been having pains in my legs for several months already. I thought it was a shin splint (Tibial Stress Syndrome) as it pained it that lower part area. Such injury is no laughing matter for your information.

Doctor: What is the matter with you?
Me: Both my legs are in pain. *Showing the doctor my legs*

Doctor: What do you think cause the pain? What have you been doing?
Me: I think I walk too much.

Doctor: How long your walk last usually?
Me: Erm, approximately 1 hour every day for more than a year the last 2 1/2 years. And, that's not even counting the time where I walk to school every day for 3 years many years back.

Doctor: Any other symptoms? Fever, flu, ...
Me: Nope. Only my legs.

Doctor: Put you leg up and let me have a look.
Me: *Show the doctor my leg*

The doctor did some simple diagnosis to see if there was something not right with my legs. I was actually hoping that the doctor would x-ray my legs. But, nope. The doctor told me that would be a waste of money. Even a full body checkup for me would be a waste of money according to the doctor. Apparently, to the doctor, I am still very young and that I will only need full body checkup when I am in my 30's. Hmm ... my brain tells me that it is not quite right.

After all the diagnosis, it ended up not like what I thought it would be. The doctor said everything was fine. Nothing was wrong. It was just a normal pain and I was given 30 tablets of paracetamol (What! 30 tablets ...). Well, either my self-diagnosis failed miserably or the doctor made a mistake.

What do you think I should do? Traditional medicine? Sinseh? Leave it as it is? I am putting some ointment every night right now! But, the pain is still there ... both leg.

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м裏.jëиz said...

i think you should go to a specialist and get it checked thoroughly once and for all.

i remember you telling me several times about your legs and i guess you better not take the pain lightly anymore.

good that he at least gave you some paracetamol. its very expensive now.

the doctor's a joke anyway.

lina said...

I have pain in my legs last time, when for a whole gamut of checks - x'ray, physiotherapists sessions, the works. It's gone now, but the doctor just said it must be a simple case of "tersalah urat".

jasonmighty said...

@Missjenz: Thanks for the advice. There is still 30 tablets of paracetamol here...haha...if you want some :)

@Lina: That's what the doctor said too. But the pain varies in its intensity. And its been there for many months already. That is why I am so worry :(

lina said...

for my pain, I got some muscle relaxant meds, painkillers and some medicated patch. Even after all that physiotherapy session (that cost a whopping RM160 per session) I still have pain. After a while, I kinda pushed myself by exercising even in pain until one day., it was gone. At least I did an x-ray to confirm nothing was wrong inside and get a confirmation it wasn't a nerve problem.

jasonmighty said...

Thanks a lot for the info. Push your self to exercise...hmm...I still walk a lot. Walking is kind of like exercising right :)

Come to think of nerve is in pain too...not the bones...ohmy ohmy...

Lisalicious said...

aiya if you go to clinic they surely say you nothing wrong ...

yeah go sinseh and check up if you want...

or straight away go for a full medical check up in sunway medical centre...
problem will be their cost is RM1k and above ..hehehe

jasonmighty said...


Actually I go to UM Hospital...not clinic oh. Most probably I'll go find a sinseh :) Being in pain is not a nice feeling indeed.

renaye said...

i was wondering which part of ur leg is in pain. the feet? the leg? or knee caps? i have pain in my legs as well due to my spinal structure and the last time it pained like hell i was forced to crawl from one to the other. and now i still experience in my leg, more on to my feet because i have flat feet. and physio doesn't really help, actually it did not for me. i was instructed by the physio to do weird exercises and luckily it was free.

anyway i visit a chiropractor to get the pains off my leg. and now i'm trying to get special shoe for my feet. if u want to see if ur feet is normal, u can always check on ur shoes.. did the shoe base become senget?? do u always find ur shoe base thinning at one side? if yes, that could be the reason ur leg is in pain.

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