Saturday, March 21, 2009

A sinseh, a massage and a wrapped ankle

Few weeks ago, I rambled about my troubled leg (read it here). It had gotten worse of late and so, I went searching for a 'sinseh' (Chinese traditional doctor).

At one look, he knew something was not right with my leg. He told me that I hurt/twisted/sprained my ankle many years ago. Well, I don't quite remember hurting anything all this while. I had been guessing all this while that I walked way too much (a.k.a abusing my legs).

He took his medicine (ointment or something) out, placed some on my ankle and start massaging the troubled part. It hurts at some point when he massaged a little too hard. After like 10 minutes, he went for the next leg.

Frankly speaking, it felt so much better after the massage. To heal a little faster, he recommended his herbal paste to be placed on my ankle and around. Well, so long as it heals I am so gonna into it.

The smell of the herbal paste was extremely strong and smelly. Nothing much to be surprised here. After all, almost all Chinese medicine smells something like that - bitter, smelly, awful, etc. But hey, it work wonders.

While the paste was burning hot, he placed it onto my ankle. Ouch! Then, he proceeded to wrapping my ankle and around with several layers of plasters, gauze roller bandage, tissue paper and paper tape. I was not to take it off till Monday! Ohmy ... don't mention about smelly foot/leg to me.

One more day to go ... wee ... looks like I am going to work on Monday with my ankle being wrapped. A long pant, a sock and a shoe will definitely help keeping my wrapped leg hidden. Shhh!!!

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lina said...

Hope it'll get better soon.

p.s. Won't want to be near you with the smell lingering. LOL

м裏.jëиz said...

not bad... the bandage looks quite pretty on your leg.


hope those feet do get well soon~

leechon said...

take care ya~~

Arika said...

With my luck the smell would just stay on my skin forever! Haha. Hope it looks good as new when you get to take it off!

Lisalicious said...

wow, looks like a gigantic feet now :D

get well soon ok

jasonmighty said...

Its getting better already. Hey! Don't be leg won't smell...haha.


Thanks. I will :)

Its better now...though there is still some problem with my leg...sigh. Thanks anyway.

Gigantic it certainly is. One leg is bigger than the

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