Friday, October 31, 2008

Perfect Symetry by Keane

I have been a huge fan of Keane since their last 2 album, namely:

They produce many great rock music with a different twist and edge to it. There are compared frequently to Coldplay and Radiohead. In my opinion, they are way better than Coldplay (overrated) and Radiohead (why can't they produce another 'Creep').

To those who haven't heard of Keane and their style of music, get both the album above. You won't be me. (I will be ready for some beatings if you are then ^.^)

If you do, try listening to Everybody's Changing, Somewhere only we know, This is the last time, Bend and break, Can'tstop now, Nothing in my way, Crystal ball, Is it any wonder...just to name a few....

Now, fast forwarding, Keane released their third album recently. It is named 'Perfect Symetry'.

My verdict: Well, I am kind of dissapointed. Why ... Keane...why ?

It is not a bad album, really. There are trying new grounds with their new album...which is commendable of course. Evolving is after all a requirement...except if you don't want to grow.

This album is very much 80's influenced. Below is the list of tracks:

Spiralling - makes you wanna dance and tap your feet along ^.^
Lovers are losing - nice chorus ^.^
Better than this - an enjoyable track overall...makes you wanna clap your hands ^.^
You haven't told me anything - sounds like previous track...hmm... ^.^?
Perfect Symetry - one of the better track here...^.^
You don't see me - very U2-esque...hmm...^.^?
Afain and again - similar in tempo to Spiralling...not a bad effort...but why ^.^?
Playin along - very oasis-esque...hmm...but not a bad track ^.^
Pretend that you're alone - nice lyric (we are just the monkeys who fell out of the tree...) haha...
Black burning heart - my favourite track...with soaring melodies ^.^
Love is the end - closest you can get to their old stuff...but not the best though...nice melodies ^.^

Overall, this is not a bad album. But it just isn't the excellent album that I hoped it would be.

There are mix elements here and there...some of it are great, and others can be improved. So, it comes across as an album without a strong identity.

Until then, I will have to wait for their next album then.

Well, you better do !!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lucky...damn lucky...

This is my dog - Lucky.

Lucky is one damn mischievous dog.

Lucky is also extremely greedy and selfish.

Yesterday, I saw Lucky trying to look inside my house through the window ... as what it usually does !!!

Lucky may be a very damn naughty dog.

However, it was still rather cute and adorable of Lucky to do that.

This time around, and to my horror, I saw this.
(Well, it was a shot taken later today when I was free to take a closer look at it)

If you look close enough, you'll notice something is not right with Lucky's eyes. I have to hold on to its mouth just to get a closer shot.

Lucky's eyes are all red and watery.

I can't take a good snap because Lucky keeps tossing and turning ...

After rubbing its eyes, Lucky will then lick its paw.

My dad told me that there is a possibility that Lucky's eyes are sprayed with venom... by a snake of course...well...kind idea myself.

Thank God Lucky is not bitten. Or else, Lucky will be following the footstep of my very brave Nikki (my Finnish Lapphund dog) which died so sudden 3 years ago after being bitten by a King Cobra.

My dad told me to use this on Lucky.

Well, we've tried it before on Max and Puppy years back ... and it works like a miracle.

Get well soon, Lucky !!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A bad naughty Mighty !!!

Many people thought that I was always the 'good' boy around (not that I am praising myself ^.^)

In fact, not many people (no one) knows that I was once a rather naughty boy (yup, read my lips) ^.^

I can't even believe it myself. How I become one is still a mystery ...

It was more than 15 years ago when I was in standard 2. It was indeed a bleak period in my life where I wasn't really sure what I was doing myself.

Study was neglected ever so happily while playing and having fun was all there is. For that, I was downgraded to one class below ...
And, I've also made several mistakes which I truly regretted...even until now.

What a humiliation !!! How could I do such a thing back them hurh ?

I may not remember what I did back then...but since than, I told myself that when I am all grown up, I will do my very best to contribute to the society. Be it donating, helping out, comforting unfortunate ones or whatever, I'll do it to my up-most capabilities.

I'll write more about it later... so, stay tune !

And lastly, yup! Look at me in the eyes now....

... I am not telling anybody what I don't even border to ask ^.^ Hee Ha !!

Friday, October 24, 2008

The first post and the beginning of all the others...

First post is always critical...

The reception may be so great that my blog becomes a huge phenomenal success (overnight).

I may appear in 'The STAR' as soon as tomorrow.

Well, that's Mighty talking hurh! ;-)

On the other hand, it may falter like a Humpty Dumpty. Yikes !!!

No. I may be a little tad to pessimistic. That's what Mighty the Capricorn is after all.

Whatever, I think I'll not give a damn shit about what my blog can be, will be and should have been...

.... This is after all the END of this post...and the BEGINNING of all the other ....
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