Monday, June 1, 2009

A more than a months worth of summary ...

It had been more than a month since I last posted. I think I'll just summarized it all in numbers rather than explain in detail.

1) Streamyx modem went dead. Bought a new one and then asked my cousin to configure it. It worked. Somehow, through the router, I couldn't access to some websites ... like Facebook, MSN, Hotmail, Blogger...still couldn't figure it out though...

2) Fell sick. Fever, flu, cough and cold. But, recovered quickly.

3) Cough continues ... and it gets worse. Breathing problems and tiredness follows. (I thought it was a normal cough ?)

4) Everything went from bad to worse. Went to hospital for a thorough checkup. Blood, x-ray and urine was taken.

5) X-ray shows a pretty bad lungs ... with black spots on some part of my lungs (holes?). Doctor suspected I had pulmonary tuberculosis. Was admitted to hospital immediately for further testing.

6) All kinds of testing was done. Blood was taken several times too. After 3 days, doctor confirmed that it was certainly pulmonary tuberculosis. I was however giver anti-tuberculosis 2 days ago. Went back home on day 3.

7) I was to rest at home and wear a mask to protect my family from tuberculosis. I had been resting for more than 2 weeks already.

8) Am thankful than although I started working only like ... almost 3 months ... my superior was very understanding. They told me to care for my health first before coming back to work. Thank you so much :)

9) Am also thankful to my parents for the all the care. Not forgetting, my relatives too who had been so worried. I knew all along that I am not alone. Thank you so much :) What am I without my parents and relatives ... not imagining ... not imagining !!!

Too all, I am doing fine here, thank you. I am taking my medication on time. I am resting a lot too now since I get tired easily. My weight drops dramatically as my body uses up all my energy and strength to fight tuberculosis. I am kind of skeletal now, yes I am.

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