Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Little Update on my Sponsored Children 2009 / 2010...and some others

I sponsored 2 children in 2008 through Okala Foundation. I continued my sponsorship in 2009 yet again. It had been a pleasure really to sponsor children as I know that the money was of good use in providing them with all the necessities  - hot meals, educational books and mosquito net for a year.

You might think that once I sponsored, that was all. to it Everything will be taken care of. Well yes in a way. But I did receive updates about the 2 children I sponsored on a quarterly basis from the wonderful Okala people (Thanks, Sylvia, Tamara, Susan & the rest of you).

This is Chanceline Moni Beng.

Chanceline got the books I purchased last year.

It seems that Chanceline loves the books I had purchased :)
She was such a sweetie to say 'thank you'.

Chanceline's first term grade was 11.82 out of 20.
She needs to work harder! :p

This is Francis Thomas Bayeme.

Francis too got the books I purchased last year.

I received a sad news a month ago informing me that his mother had passed away. Francis's father passed away 4 years ago and now he and all his siblings became orphans. Okala people were still unclear who the children will be staying withing the current village. Hopefully the children's close relatives here will take them in. Or else, they will be placed with another relative who live in a different village far away.

Francis's first term report. He was doing rather okay there ... a 13.3 out of 20. 
He just needs to keep improving.

That is all the updates that I have so far since late last year and this year. I'll keep the updates coming when I have. 

By the way, if you are interested in sponsoring a child, do let me know. I will put you through to the right person when the time comes (October 2010).  

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