Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Am Back Blogging Again ...

I know. I neglected my blog again. Ha .. not funny, really. I've been busy the past 10 months till the point I actually don't bother blogging anymore. Just imagine working from morning till late night consistently throughout the week. Any free time will thus be devoted to sleeping, facebooking, surfing, sleeping, working at home (what!), sleeping again, eat, TV, family, sleeping ... haha ...

Fast forwarding to 2011, erm ... more specifically March 2011 ... now ... I told myself that I need to change. I don't see why I need to push to the max anymore because the progress I hoped for is not moving as fast I would like it to be anyway. The past 10 months is seriously eating me up already and I decided that it is not worth it and to give myself a little breathing space. I want to have a more active and healthy lifestyle, I want to do some travelling around, I want to meet different people, and I want to experience something more than I did in 2010. Not saying that 2010 is a bad year...just that 2010 is an eye opener :)

Anyway, how's life since leaving my blog untended. Hmm ... let's see ...

I can finally stop eating all the tuberculostatic drugs, what like after almost a year eating it every single day.


My last x-ray and body check-up was in August. The next one will be in August 2011. Doctor said that my lungs will take a couple of years to cure completely. Apparently, there are still scars (called fibrosis) on the surface. Umphh ... (another reason for me to take it easier this time around eh!)

I'm still single ... haha ... actually it is not funny because the pressure from the elders are truly overwhelming, I don't like it one bit. I say, when the time comes, the time will come. Do I really need to be attached, get married immediately, have kids and everything ... like right now and before I reach 30?

At work, as mentioned, I've been very busy indeed. I do enjoy some part of my work, yes, especially the challenges. When I want to accomplish something I always do the best I can and push to the max. It sounded silly sometimes but maybe I give in too much without realizing it occasionally. You see, people's recognition of me is extremely important to me. I need to know that I am appreciated, the stuff that I am doing is benefiting others and I can see where I am heading.

Family: Why are you working so hard for har? You getting 5K salary or more ah?
Me: Erm ... no la ...I'm still young ... just want to show what I can do, my dedication to my work & climb up the career ladder faster only mar ... nothing wrong right?
Family: Nothing wrong of course ... just that you have no life lately ... look at you now ... do you want to wait till you fall sick then you stop, is it? ... just like what happen in 2009? You still need time to recover you know!
Me: Erm ... (stoned!) 

Friends: Aiyah ... why are you working so hard for? Salary low ... work like cow ... even people who didn't do as much work as you earning way more than you lar ... not worth it at all ... not worth it 
Me: Erm ... they have experience and have been working longer already mar. I've just started ... and after all, wherever you go it is the same lar ... so have to work hard to climb faster mar ... correct or not?
Friends: Look at us lar ...been working long enough already ... we are still just here, just the same ... experience is nothing if you can't do the work properly, right? It is so obvious ... 
Me: Erm ... okay ... but hey I have friends working in the same line climbing so fast and earning double of mine already. I can also do it what. Just need more time.
Friends: Okay! You wait and see lah ... but why the hell you go and compare yourself with your friends for? 
Me:  (stoned!) ... erm ... because I believe I can do it too?

Me: Hey! I've been here for sometime already. Do you know what am I doing here and what is my daily job like?
Friend: Erm ...
Me: ...
Friend: Well ...
Me: ...
Friend: You know ... planning ...and erm ...well ... for the team and all ...
Me: (jaw drop and feeling like my heart just fell 1 notch)  ... (Is that all I do in front of you all this while? Is that all? Seriously?)

Okay! Enough with all the negativity above because I am looking forward to this year and how it will unfold this time around. I still enjoy some part of my job ... though I hate that some of it is becoming some sort of  a routine. When people have different projects every time, I am stuck doing the same thing. I have to be more positive and believe that all will not go down the drain. After all, I think I have definitely achieved some of the objectives written here already.


Am I getting richer in the past 10 months? Or having more savings just for the future. Well, far from it actually. Study loan, car loan, parents, petrol, food, other necessities, the list goes on and on. By month's end, I am left with so little I think it will take me another 50 years to have a comfortable savings to spend. Not to mentioned, someone owe me money and I'm still trying to get my money back ... hmph... that's worth more than an iphone. I don't mind really lending people money. That is what family and friends are for right, looking after each other's back and giving a hand in time of need. But, that ... yes I have learnt my lesson ...that is to lend to people worth lending only. 

Talking about study loan, I applied for an exemption 6 months back because I got a 1st class honour. Unfortunately, I graduated in the wrong year, I think. The #@%$ government stopped the exemption policy in 2005 but then decided to reinstate it back beginning 2010. What about students who graduated between 2005 and 2010. Unimaginably silly. Not fair at all. Why are we left out?

Last but not least, I am still iphone4-less. I would like to have one so badly for a long time already. I tried getting one few weeks ago when Maxis visited AABC. But, their plan sucks big time. So called sister-brother company eh ... what's with the expensive plans and 'keep us tied up forever' contract? I am currently looking at ways to get an affordable unlocked version outside. Any ideas where can I get one?

That's about it for now. Till the next post ... ciao.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In what circumstances can we say "religion is important" and "religion is not important"?

Is your religion important to you? Are you comfortable with your current religion? What are you looking for in a religion? Etc ...

Well, many people faced these problems where they don't have any idea where their religion is leading them to. They are in it because they are born and raised in it. There isn't a sense of belonging inside as they just accept it and go through their daily life with so called "their religion" on their backs as though it is a daily chores. No, it can't be that way, right?

An email came to me earlier today with Dalai Lama's words attached. And, I am enlighten. What he said make so much sense. His words are like an arrow hitting straight to the bull's eye. There is no forcing in accepting a religion. It is all about the truth and the sensible wise advices. He said:

"The best religion gets you closest to God. It is the one that makes you a better person"

In another word, it means that a religion will be the best religion in the whole wide world if it makes all the difference to you. It does get you closer to God and because of it, you are what you are today!

I'm glad to say that I've been a Buddhist all my life. And yes, I do feel comfortable with my religion. I believe in it and I can see where it is leading me to. At times, I can sense that I am being protected and looked upon after. I've been through some really tough time in the past 2 years and it could have been worse.

I wouldn't dare to say that I am a good, kind, humble, etc human being because of my religion . But, I can say out loudly that I've tried my very best to be a better person and that is all that matters to me ... and to my religion. No single human is perfect after all, not even the wise Dalai Lama.
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Race discrimination & prejudice .... A racist remark

I got to know about these remarks from a blogger and I decided to post it here in the hope that I can spread it wide and far. 

The remarks are certainly an issue as far as I am concerned. As long as such racist remarks are raised, other races will never be able to accept the 1Malaysia concept. How are we going to compromise and accept everything when we are not even well accepted here? As a matter of a fact, most Bumiputeras are not exactly pure Bumiputeras. They have ancestors from other Asian countries as well ... particularly Indonesia. 

Anyway, I'm going to translate the remarks word for word into English as best as I could below so that everyone can actually understand it. You can read the original post here. A note here that the post is dated almost 11 months ago. But, that is not the whole point here. Here we go.
To Datuk Seri Najib and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, as part of the Malaysian citizen, the Islam religion and also the Malay race, I would like to express my anger as one of the Bumiputera (indigenous people) in this Malay land.

My claim against the government of Malaysia:

1) Destroy non-bumiputera's voting rights
They definitely doesn't deserve to vote in Malaysia because they only vote based on their own race only.

2) Cancel all political parties not owned by the Bumiputera in this Malay Land
Their party is extremely racist and even if they are a part of the component, they will not help us Bumiputera. Instead, they claim for our Bumiputera rights.

3) Return back all the Malay rights which had been liberalized last month

4) Bring down the statue of Hindu God in Batu Caves and also the statue of the sitting Buddha in Kelantan.
This issue is the most important of all! How us, Malaysian, an Islam country and that Islam is the main religion here, built tall huge statues to the point that it is taller that all our mosque's dome!!!

All the claims above is not something racist. But, it is our expression underneath all of it. Other migrant races will not compromise with the current government. They will only claim all the rights of the Bumiputera.

And here we ask, before anything happens, that the Malaysian government will agree to all the 4 claims mentioned.

I would like to stress one more time, a warning to the government of Malaysia!!! ...

... that, the migrant races will not support the Bumiputera! They will only support their own race! They will only surpress Bumiputera slowly, finely and secretly. They even support all the communist fighters who killed the Islam and Malay people. What's to come next then!!!
So there you have it, a racist remark written and posted by this guy - Apache, a vice Chief of the Youth UMNO Movement.

I just don't get why this Apache guy have to raise such issue. I have Malay friends from my schooling eras as well as my current working place. They are all nice people who respect other races and religion. We will talk about the way of one another's religion and race sometimes. It is always very casual, friendly and educational.

It's hard to accept it but I feel that racial issue will always be an issue here in Malaysia. It happens when we have so many races residing together. And, each races will never forget about their roots that's for sure. I know I won't. All that we can do now is to respect one another for the differences that we have. 

As to Apache guy, I don't give a damn about all his claims because it is not the voice of all Malays & Bumiputeras. If he is so worried about all his claims, he should work harder for his people. Other races work really hard to be where they are today. And, that is without much help from the government (especially the various policies laid down to even-out the economic differences between races). 

Since Apache is so worried, he should just stop wearing western clothes (t-shirts/shirts/pants/coats). No more western food or any other races' food (Mcdonalds, KFC, noodles). No more TV, radio, tall buildings and etc. He should just go back to his kampung so that he can stop being so concern about things out-shinning his believes and everything. See, he just don't get it.

To me, if a person discriminate, he/she will be discriminated as well. That is the main reason why racial issues here are so hard to be solved. Other races are discriminated in the first place. So they discriminate as well. You can't expect people to stay low and accept everything with a swallow.

I know what I wrote above might not go down well with other people's understanding and believes. But, that is just my opinion. I mean no harm. To other Malay who are unlike Apache, thank you! You are different and that makes all the difference. Awesome!

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