Wednesday, March 11, 2009

F * * K You (Explicit)

The other day I was reading through Sunday Star newspaper. Flipping through, I stopped at music section and I was like ... "Wow! Lily Allen's second album was already released". Yay!

I have been a fan of Lily Allen since her critically acclaimed debut album 2 years ago. 'Littlest Thing' has got to be my favourite. Lily is a British singer songwriter, known for her sweet saccharine pop songs. I know you must be thinking that yeah, she is just another spoiled pop star. Nothing special whatsoever.

Well, no she is not. I can assure you that. She is the smartest songwriter in the business. She has something unique which will definitely distant herself from the rest ... particularly Katy Perry. Her songs are very catchy and easy to dance to. But, what you truly need to do is to listen to the lyric of her songs. There is a story behind every song. Remember 'Alfie' where she sings about her brother ... or 'LDN' where she sings about London ... or 'Smile' where she sings about her ex-boyfriend

One song that caught my attention this time is this song called - F**k You. Hurh, you say! Sounded obscene and rude isn't it. Haha. Well, you've got to listen to the lyric to know what the song is about. This song has been playing in my head for a couple of days now.

F**k You is actually her very own farewell song to the man that is George Bush. It may be old news to us now. Though this song is a harsh commentary on the Bush years, the song presents itself in a sarcastically upbeat tone. The first time I heard it, I was like ... LMAO ... this is so funny. Listen to her British accent too. I find British accent very sexy and attractive lol.

If you do have the time, do search for the 'censored' version of 'F**K You'. This version is so very silly. I can't help but to laugh each time hearing it. Okay. Imagine each time the lyric 'F**K You' came up, it is replaced with the sound of animals. I heard the sound of horse neighing, chicken clucking, cat meowing and duck quacking. LMAO !!! Damn funny ...

What are you waiting for? Dedicate this song to someone you hate ... you don't have to harbor the anger ...

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ShiJing said...

I love lily Allen too XD

м裏.jëиz said...

i didnt know you said bad words.

moreover i didnt know you listen to songs with explicit lyrics.

hmm... so you are not such a good boy after all huh?

are there other shocking things about you that i dont know yet?

jasonmighty said...

@ShiJing liek it too :)

I don't say bad word la...haha...I know the song has explicit lyric...but it captures my attention for whatever reasons unknown. Me...nono...I am still a good boy :)
Other shocking things...don't know...haha...

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