Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A True Story of a Street Dog Named Jonah

Latest : Jonah passed away on the 1st of December 2008. For more information, please visit 'A tribute to Jonah the street dog'.

: ( May Jonah rest in peace ) :

This is a true account of a street dog named Jonah in Van, Turkey.

Aww ... what a cute innocent dog : )

Anyway, straight to the point, one day, Jonah was hit by a car.

Calls to the authorities for help were unanswered. After lying in the street for 3 days with broken hind legs from that incident, the council sent out workers to collect and dispose Jonah.
(What !!! Jonah ain't garbage !!!)

Jonah tried to get away from them, dragging his broken hind quarters.
(You tell me what can a little dog do when it is hurt and scared?)

Jonah was screaming and then tries to escape as the workers are approaching : (

These men were filmed putting a noose around its neck, one for each man and dragging injured Jonah to the truck. Jonah screamed in agony while people stood by and laughed.
(What the ... !!!)

Jonah was tied and pulled roughly and without mercy !!! : (

Jonah’s cries went unanswered. Its small body was thrown into the back of the truck. Jonah was brought to the dump where it was later rescued.

With a shovel, Jonah was thrown into the garbage truck : (

The truck leaving the scene with Jonah inside

Amazingly enough, Jonah survived. Jonah was rushed to a veterinary clinic by concerned animal lover. His Turkish name was Karam.
(Karam, you are a hero !!!)

Do have a look at the video uploaded below ...

I had goose bump watching the video … how could they be such cold cruel human being.

Look at Jonah's hind legs : (

Jonah's fate was uncertain as the facility was not equipped to deal with its extensive injuries.

Jonah’s plight fast receiving international concern thanks to the internet social networks like Facebok and Myspace.
(Well, I came to know about Jonah through my Facebook friends - Avril Simms & Bev Hill)

It was reported on the 17th of January that Jonah’s condition was very poor. Jonah could not urinate or defecate. Jonah lost control of both the function (poor thing).

Also, Jonah’s hind legs was not responding to any stimuli due to a possibility of a permanent neurological damage (poor poor thing).

Jonah receiving its treatment

As of 19th November, Jonah managed to waive his tail
(I thought that area was paralysed … a miracle indeed)

According to the municipality of Van, Jonah had injuries in the ‘lumbal zone’ as well as in spines 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6.

A veteriner showing reporters Jonah's injuries

Unsurprisingly, it was believed that Jonah’s injuries were not caused by the car crash incident.

No doubt it was the way Jonah was handled with a shovel and tossed into the garbage truck.

Following the tragedy of Jonah, Turkey’s most-widely circulating newspaper Hurriyet decided to launch a national campaign against animal cruelty in Turkey.
(Yay! That's the spirit)

Reporters taking photos for the national campaign

Sissy Macneil, a member of the World Voice for Turkish Animals (WVTA) started a petition for Jonah and Karam. Click here for the petition. Sissy was trying to adopt Jonah.

Jonah's latest photo

Today the 25th of November 2008 however, I receive another news that Jonah will not be given for adoption eventhough the petition exceeded way above the goal of 1,000 signatures.

Jonah will be going to a shelter home : (

Why the hell they make such a decision when there are so many people around the world willing to give Jonah a true loving home.

There is only one reason and it is in the name of Turk's honour. Apparently, re-homing a dog abroad is an insult.
(What the ... !!!)

Treating animals cruelly is a HUGE sin. They are hurting God's creation and that is an insult.

Get well soon Jonah ...

Note: Today's post is dedicated to Jonah and all the heroes/heroin in the World Voice for Turkish Animals (WVTA).

WVTA is an awareness group of the cruel treatment of Animals in Turkey.

*Photos are taken from Photo Gallery Hurriyet and various other sources*

For more latest updates, please visit the links below:
VIGIL FOR JONAH -- dog crushed in trash compactor in Turkey

For more information about the cruel treatment of Animals in Turkey, please visit Discover Turkey, Hell on earth for animals.

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♥ JessieTan said...

ur sucha animal lover! =)

Avril said...

Such a touching tribute to this lovely ,brave dog.
Thank you

Athena Blessing said...

Thanks for the great blog - leave lots of room because this story isn't over yet! I created the site "Vigil for Jonah" and now I've created another somber site "A Tribute to Jonah" that can be found at:


hopefully in the near future I will be able to create a site that reads "Jonah's Found a Wonderful Forever Home", until that day I will keep following Jonah's fight for life - the little boy that has fought to live against all the odds - his will to live is nothing short of of a miracle - I hope and pray he finds his forever home and until then I hope the hands that now hold him are gentle and loving. Athena Blessing

Anonymous said...

Why the people that took the pictures of Jonah didn't do anything for help him before the incident??...they shouldt save him!!!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully all the animals could have our attention, in slaughterhouses animals are tortured, maimed and killed in cruel ways, they never will have a way out of their tragedy, and no one to defend them.

Dav DiDi said...

Why the hack they put him into shelter home? He is so cute ...

Andrew said...

great post! never regretted reading em... this is our world today.. where is the love as the song goes.. even to the animal... gosh... bro!! support you!!

Anonymous said...

I'm an animal lover. I can't tolerate animals' suffer. I can't say this because I don't have the right to say this, but I must. I shame on Turkey. It is a cruel country. Though I like to travel everywhere, I never visit Turkey at least by mistake.

Sissy said...

Thank you.He will always be my beautiful boy<3

Erin said...

Shame on Turkey!!!!
You dont let this creature go!!!!!
Is it all about money for you?????
Shame and shame again on Turkey!!!
I will never visit this country!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

that video had me in floods of tears i cant believe his cries of pain were laughed at and he was treated so unbelievably cruelly, some people need to be put down...... what a brave lil doggy good luck o jonah i would have him if i was in turkey!

fashionista said...

poor poor jonah.
I cant believe people can be so bloody cruel. That they could laugh and stand to drag Jonah by the teeth, when he's crying out in pain.
Sick bastards.
I cant believe that in the 21st century, sadly there will always be people like this who find it amusing to hurt animals.
shame on them.
Goddess bless Jonah.

ANIMALHOLOCAUST youtube said...


What a tragic sad story. Thankfully this Sweet Dog was Saved. Others are not so lucky.
This Scumbag country has one of the worst records of animal cruelty, just like worthless p.o.s asia.
I look forward to Judgement Day. Sadly, the Only Relief Animals will ever see :(

Julie Eley said...

can't even watch the video... seen too many like this. just emotionally overwhelming. Poor, wonderful dog. the only blessing is that something positive came from his horrible, suffering death. i hope it continues and will sign the petition. God Bless you.

Genevieve said...

you will all pay for the brutal heartless way you treat Gods's animals!!!!
Turkey and Bulgaria rot in hell.!!!
your fate is coming!!!
you are evil vile sickass disgusting people!!!!!

Kate said...

R.I.P Johan ♥

Anonymous said...

What happened to Jonah? Is he slive? In that shelter in Turkey? I have never visited Turkey and now I know the reason. God, how can someone film this without doing anything??? What the f..k is wrong with these assholes!? God damn it! It really brakes my heart! I could kill these bastards with my own hands, but first break their legs and drag them after a truck.. IDIOTS!

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