Thursday, March 19, 2009

Anything! ... Up to you! ... Whatever!

A : "Let's go for lunch. What you want to have for lunch?"

B : "Erm ... up to you la ... anything also can ..."

Have you ever been in such a situation? I am sure you have :) In fact, I must and do admit that I am one of them who will always have 'anything' for an answer. Seriously, I really don't mind. I am not a fussy guy or whatsoever.

As the Chinese will always say ... "cin cai la ... ha mi to eh sai eh la ... men ma huan" (whatever la ... anything also can ... no need to be so troublesome). The truth is, and I certainly just found out, that, it is actually more troublesome if one has anything for an answer.

I brought this up because me and my colleagues were in a chat the other day during lunch time about a person who always had 'anything' for an answer. And, it was pissing this particular colleague off!!! My colleague's story is very similar to this little comic I am posting right now (Wan-Yi, thanks for the comic). People, enjoy :)

I was like 'Arrrr ... please just knock that character on the head will ya !!!' For Pete's sake, when you say 'anything', make sure you meant it. Please don't give silly irritating answers and suggestions.

I am nothing like that idiotic character above. I can assure you that. *wink*

You know, maybe someone should open a 'anything/whatever/up to you' restaurant or shops. For example, 'The Anything Restaurant' with a cool dice system thrown into it. People can just trow the dice to decide what to eat. No thinking is involved. Ain't it cool ...

Anyway, aren't we lucky that Jusco and 7-eleven is selling Anything? and Whatever? for quite some time already.

A : What you want to drink?

B : Erm ... whatever la ... anything also can

A : So you want anything or whatever

B : Arrr ... I said anything already lol ... whatever also can la ...

A : @$#%@^#@#%&^@$%

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Vestige said...

It's a habit, everybody does it.

maro^gal said...

hahhaa this happen always i think....

м裏.jëиz said...

sounds familliar. are you talking about some people in particular?


nice post!

nurinkhairi said...

haha..the comic strip was funny. to think about it, i also kept saying "up to you" to my other half. guess i gave him a hard time lol. >_<

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