Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Little Update on my Sponsored Child ... and some others ...

Remember my post about Okala Foundation many weeks back?

Well, below is the latest photo of my sponsored child - Chanceline Moni Beng (I'm so excited xoxoxo)

From the picture itself, she is genuinely happy to be finally receiving all the stuff. Yay! ... new books, toothpaste, toothbrush and other general daily necessities ....

(If only I have the chance to travel there ... we can chat and take a photo together then)

Anyway, I am sure she will make good use of the stuffs. She seems to be a smart girl, isn't she.

Right now, I would like to share some of the latest photos I managed to grab from Tamara Davy (founder) and Darlene Macgowan (founder). Do enjoy the photos ...

Orphanage children playing with their new finger puppets

Tamara Davy with her sponsored child.

A little boy severely malnourished. He is one year old. Poor thing. Okala is here!!!

A new meaning to the term 'traffic jam' lol ...

Meyenne boys with their new jerseys.

Meyene children with their new toys.

Darlene and Tamara with some donated items from Health Partners.

Meyene Children with their new books.

Darlene with the kids.

A pregnant mother watching over a recovering malnutrition child.

The pictures above are just some of the pictures I grabbed from Darlene's and Tamara's Facebook profile.

They both went on a trip visiting Okala's Cameroon kids and delivering all the donated items collected from a lot of kind Facebook friends and etc. Amazing friends I have there!!!

I am sure this is just the beginning, not the end. More help on the way next year!!!

If you want to be part of the Okala group, give me a buzz. There is always next year ;-)

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Harmony said...

you can drop by to visit her someday.

horizon said...

You make it real that EVERYONE can make a difference:)

jasonmighty said...

Harmony, I certainly do hope one day I can drop by and visit her too ^.^

Horizon, everyone can make a difference. You can too. Its a question of whether you want to do it or not :)

Thanks for the comments >.<

Darlene MacGowan said...

thank you for posting my pictures Yee, it was the most amazing experience of my life and I'm glad that you decided to share it with your blog readers :)

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