Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My little Penang food review ... that's how I end my year 2008

A Penang trip will not be a Penang trip without a Penang feast. That is pretty true I can assure you that.

As so, this post is a continuous from my previous post.

Previously, I mentioned about visiting my grandma's old abandoned wooden house. A trip down memory lane indeed ... the memories of me playing around the house as a little kid, when my grandma was still alive, when I had to walk a little further to the 'in the middle of the jungle' toilet to do my morning business and many more ;)

This time around, I am gonna document a short little review of what I ate back in Penang. I am pretty used to the food sold in Balik Pulau, Penang. Basically, I don't even remember travelling around Penang for the said 'best' bla bla bla food ... It had been Balik Pulau Penang street food all along.

The first thing I ate once I reached Penang is non other than the famous Balik Pulau Asam Laksa.

Balik Pulau Penang Asam Laksa

One word ... so damn delicious. I'm not sure if Balik Pulau Penang Asam Laksa is the best Asam Laska in Penang. What I know is that it can easily beat any Asam Laksa sold in KL hands down. It has a generous amount of fish and 'hae ko' (prawn paste). A must try!!!

For the next few days, I had 'Kuay Tiao Th'ng' (Kuay Tiao soup), 'Char Kuay Kak' (Fried raddish cake), 'Hokkien Mee' (Prawn noodle), 'Char Kuay Tiao' & 'Chee Cheong Fan' ... all Balik Pulau Penang street food.

Balik Pulau Kuay Tiao Th'ng

The Kuay Tiao Th'ng is still damn delicious. But, it is not what it used to be. I am sure it used to be so damn delicious. Now, it is only damn delicious. Kinda downgraded already as it is now done by a different generation. Anyway, it is still way better than a lot of the stalls found in KL.

Balik Pulau Hokkien Mee

As in the case of Kuay Tiao Th'ng, Hokkien Mee suffered the same fate. It is damn delicious but it is not what it used to be. Having said that, it can easily beat any stalls found in KL too.

The closest authentic Hokkien Mee (around 90% ... that close) found in KL is located just around my housing area ... lol ... (I live in Sec. 25, Shah Alam FYI).

Balik Pulau Penang Chee Cheong Fun

Penang Chee Cheong Fun is very different from the one in KL. There is no fish ball, 'fu chok', fish cake, etc to come together with it. All you get is the flat rice noodle and the special black sauce.

The sauce is made of 'hae ko' (prawn paste) and 'tau eu' (soy sauce) and some other things. Unlike the KL version which is too sweet for my taste, the version here will be sweet and a little sour.

One word ... a must try!!!. So damn delicious all the same.

The end ...

Oh...wait! What about the rest of the food ... you might asked ...

Well, at times, I can't help but to help myself with the food straight away. So, I forgot all about the camera thingy.

No photos of Char Kuay Kak and everyone's favourite Char Kuay Tiao.

Personally, the Char Kuay Kak is okay. It is not what it used to be anymore. Just very well delicious. As for the Char Kuay Tiao ... yummy ... a must try!!! Any Balik Pulau Char Kuay Tiao stalls in Balik Pulau will do.

I think for my next trip (during Chinese New Year), it is best that I take a photo of the stalls too!

As of now ... I might as well continue with the food I ate on my way back to KL after the Penang trip.

After 2 hours of driving towards KL using the North/South Highway, me, my mum and my lil brother stopped at Bidor.

There is this famous restaurant called Restaurant Pun Chun.

Restaurant Pun Chun, Bidor

We ordered their famous coffee, 'Kon Low Mee' (Dried Wan Tan Noodle) and a bowl of duck herbal soup.

Bidor Pun Chun Coffee

The coffee is rather nice. Thick and tasty. It is not the best ... but I'll have it any day if there is a choice between Nescafe and this. Nescafe 3-in-1 sucks big time these days.

Bidor Pun Chun Kon Low Mee

The Kon Low Mee is so damn delicious. A must try!!! My only complaint is that ... it is too oily.

Oil is not cheap nowadays. Why can't they do themselves and us a favour by using less oil eh? Less oil means more saving on their side and healthier food on our side! What do you think?

The soup and dumpling that comes together with the Kon Low Mee

The soup ... damn nice. Unlike a lot of the KL stalls whose soup tasted like pepper, this soup tasted like what it suppose to be. The dumplings are delicious too. Yet again however, the soup ... pretty oily.

Bidor Pun Chun Duck Herbal Soup

As for the Duck Herbal Soup ... A must try!!! The soup is not that salty and the herbs is not too overpowering. Literally the combination of duck meat, chinese herbs and amount of water are perfect. Oily? Kinda ... but it is one damn delicious soup I must say.

Generally, I end my 2008 by putting a little more weight ... what with all my favourite dish eh ...

Happy New Year everyone! With the END of 2008 comes a new hope and most importantly, a new BEGINNING ...

May we all have ...
  • 12 months of HAPPINESS
  • 52 weeks of FUN
  • 365 days of SUCCESS
  • 8760 hours of GOOD HEALTH
  • 525600 minutes of GOOD LUCK
  • 31536000 seconds of JOY

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Marccus said...

Haha, u will get addicted to penang food one, wakaka XD
Happy New Year!~~

Jason Law said...

Balik Pulau~ Why were you there? Usually people from other states may go to georgetown for food hunting. It's fine as long you enjoyed the food~ :)

Happy new year 2009 !!

м裏.jëиz said...


makan makan~~ i wanna makan~

jasonmighty said...

Marccus: I am addicted already since... I can't even remember when :)

Jason L: I am there coz I stayed with my aunt there. We hardly go for food hunting as everything is there...not the best..but still better than KL by miles.

Jen na: Go makan la...haha...I am craving for more laksa even now...

renaye said...

it's been a long time i eat in balik pulau! i think i have only been there once in my whole life though i was raised in penang.

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