Monday, November 17, 2008

A Pledge ... just for Okala Foundation

I've mentioned something about posting a little on what I did on Facebok in my previous post "Sponsoring A Child"

Well, I am postponing it to the next one.

Sorry for that. Do forgive me ^.^" Paiseh lah! *shy* *shrunking*

Anyway, I am going to make a small little pledge on this very post here.

As we all know, Nuffnang paid us exclusive bloggers (glitterati) for blogging and placing advertisements on our blog strategically. Earnings are paid based on each unique visit and click.

Here it comes !!! ^.<

Well, I am going to donate all my earnings to Okala Foundation. Yes, you read me.

I know the amount is little. I know I am a new kid on the blog. But, it is still possible to earn a lot more if I try really hard to increase the traffic here.

To those who visited my blog. Thank you.

To first timers, please visit more. Your visits are appreciated

While you are here, click on the ads as well.

We are so gonna kill two birds with one stone, aren't we >.^

When my earnings are enough, I will cash out and donate it to Okala Foundation. Will post about it when the time comes…

To Okalas, do take note. I am serious about it. It’s just like SAC-ing, isn’t it? (note: will talk about SAC in the next post ^.^).

(There is the link to my blog through my Facebook profile, FB'ers)

As for my part, I will try my very best to produce interesting it my current life, weird stories, jokes, latest news and etc.

"A little makes all the difference in the world" ... so long as we try ...

Note: This is not a tactic whatsoever to increase my blog traffic. I am serious about donating the amount earned. I hope I don't get into your nerves : )

Kindly leave a piece of your mind if you have any comments, questions, doubts, ... whatever ^.^

Until the next post, *poof*.....


♥ м裏.jëиz said...

i support you!!!

marccus said...

Really Salute you!
Keep up the good work!
; )

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