Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sponsoring A Child

I’ve mentioned in my previous post 'A Bad Naughty Mighty' that when I am all grown up, I will do my very best to contribute to the society...wherever and whenever I am able to.

I’ve done it mostly in a very itsy bitsy tiny scale like...

  • donating small amount of money to various temples I visited

  • got conned into donating at roadsides and while eating ^.^” (erm ... not conned … is just that of the amount I donated, only a small sum will be contributed to the needy)

  • those days when some students (after being told by headmaster/headmistress) will go from class to class carrying a milo container hoping that other students will donate some money to a foundation for whatever disaster occurred at that time
An opportunity to contribute to something more meaningful arises late September 2008 and I grabbed the opportunity without much consideration ^.^

I do of course did some research of my own. The foundation is called Okala Foundation. It is registered under the non-profit business. It is certainly a 100% genuine foundation.

(Click on the image to visit Okala Foundation)

But, my doubts are cleared totally considering that the founder is my friend. We knew one another for almost a year through Facebook. Through her, I got to know more friends who are so generous, kind and caring.

I was humbled totally. Life is short and I must do something worthwhile.

So, I sponsored the one on the left and co-sponsor the other with another 5 friends.

Chanceline Moni Beng (left) & Francis Bayeme (right)

I forked out a total of RM 335.78 or Cad 103.00 dollar and transferred it to the foundation’s account. Paypal is possible too.

I know the amount is small but it makes all the difference !!! (Merely stating that the amount donated is small. It doesn't mean I am rich LOL)

The campaign ‘sponsor a child’ with only $85 Cad is launched to help provide the Cameroon kids with educational books, hot meals and a mosquito net for a whole year.

Meyene and Ngombe children receiving their books. Yay !

My studies are almost over . I am starting my career very soon. That is another reason why I have no hesitation or doubt to fork out such an amount.

The kids there need it way more than I do after all !!!

To those who are interested, do visit the website for more news and other ways to help out. You can drop me a message too ;-)

Looking forward to next year. I will of course going to continue sponsoring my kids above (mind you ^.^).

More updates and photos on this in the future I promise.

This post is dedicated to Okala Foundation, Tamara Davy (founder), Denise Beaudoin, Sylvia Angus, my co-sponsors and many many others. You all are such great compassionate friends and I love all of you for that.

Next post: What I did on Facebook to keep my vision going. Stay tune !
Latest :- It is now postponed to next next post. Stay tune anyway ^.^


Ai-Ling said...

read about this foundation before. good to know that it's a genuine one :)

Denise said...

Oh, Yee, I am honoured to have helped you and Okala, Tamara and gang help the kids in Cameroon. What a priviledge! You all rock!!! xo

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