Saturday, December 6, 2008

I Wish Him Well ...

First of all, thank you for all the support, kind comments and advices given in the previous post.

We have to move on, haven’t we? No point falling into a black hole because of him!!!

After all, we think differently … we think forwardly … we think futurely. We are just different, as simple as that.

There is a song which fit nicely into this particular post.

Heard of this song – ‘I Wish You Well’ by Mariah Carey before? This song speaks VOLUME.

Part of the lyric goes like this:
So the more you curse me
the more you're blessing me
The Word said it
love your enemies

Do good to those who curse you
Pray for those who mistreat you

They have greatly oppressed me from my youth
But they have not gained victory over me

I wish you well
Let’s wish that particular blogger and his bloggies well then. I wish him and them well.

Okay, a full stop on that matter would be appropriate ;-) It is the Beginning and the End of all this.

Note: I may be Buddhist at heart, but, I can't help but to listen to Christian and Gospel songs occasionally too. It's inspirational, meaningful and most importantly, it teaches me a lot.

Oh, wait, last one. Below is a photo of a bird I manage to captured few days back.

Was still sleeping wee early in the morning when 2 birds were making whole lot of noise. I could almost swear they were singing to one other ... pweet ... pweeeeeet ... pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet ... LOL ... sweet!!!

With a blurry eyes (and mind), I took my camera and capture their antics to my heart's desire. To bad I weren't totally awake.

Good day to all then ^.^

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