Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A blogger that irks me ... !!!

Recently I commented about a blogger’s outrageous attitude in his blog. It is unintended…just my personal opinion on that matter.

Being me however, I am always very political about giving comments. Comments have to be polite, no rude words if possible, no swearing, no bad words and etc.

Okay, why am I telling you all this eh?

Well, it is because he irks me with his rather rude replies.

Long story short, here is my first comment:

As you can see, I’ve mentioned the word ‘nothing against you’ and ‘just my opinion…no offense intended’. Even a smiley face is placed.

His first reply is as follow:

His first reply is understandable. He is merely stating why he is doing it. Somehow, ‘Your mind must be too shallow and simple to …’ is mildly rude. But, that’s nothing to me!!!

I replied back ...

I may be a little irritated here but I keep my composure and replied as politely as I can.

His last and final reply is what irks me.

It seems that there is a possibility what I said previously got into his mind. Maybe he realized that there is some truth to it. Somehow, he can't/doesn’t want to accept it.

So, yes, I went to the nearest toilet.

No, I did not stuff my head into the toilet bowl. Why would I do that for?

Rather, I made my morning business making chocolates. Oh well, living beings!!!

To make it 'easier', I can’t help but recalling what he had written … together with his lame blog and lame attitude.

Surprisingly, chocolates were easier to make that morning. I think what I had recalled mixed oh so well with the chocolates. It was of the same stuff I guess.

After cleaning up, I flushed. It’s for environmental friendly sake okay !!!

We blog to share knowledge, express our feelings, make new friends, help one another and etc.

What the blogger did is fine till the point where he set up a blog and also a dang group for the sake of setting the orders straight. In another word, to 'un-cheap-plak' people.

My say: Look in the mirror before you talk ...

Again, no offense intended !!!

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Anonymous said...

obviously it's TNS. ur reply showed his name

jasonmighty said...

To anonymous,

Yay! Been wondering who will notice the only name I left it there.

Oh well, now I can highlight it.

Xjion89 said...

Hmm, actually, I really dislike the fact that a group of ppl who are pulling the strings behind innit. It is really like "Gossip Girls". (^^)

Harry said...

chill.. :) get use to it.. lolz.. we had gone thru worst.. trust me.. :) cheers ya!!

♥ м裏.jëиz said...

tiu nia sing. literally.

♥ Player V said...

who cares about a low life like him? i mean i don't go by your rules of keeping vulgarity mild, in my opinion, if it gets the message across, then yea, it works.

but in this case, you're blogging about a motherfucking asshole who think he's all powerful because he holds the power to dang people to the world of oblivion. but who cares? people do read your blog, it doesn't matter how many people nangs or dangs, because i neither nang or dang as i feel that it is an unfair and pointless system altogether. they should make a system that shows the most popular posts, using traffic to that site instead of a voting system.

anyway, my original point was: tiuniasing is a low life, why sink to his level by acknowledging him?

no insult intended.

jasonmighty said...

To Xjion89, it sure do sounds like "Gossip Girls'...only less intense.

To Harry, thanks. Not sure bout it as I am a NKOTB. Am getting use to it already.

To Player V, understandable. I am merely sharing my personal opinion about this blogger. I don't intend to insult him badly nor do anything which is similar to what he did. Just another normal post informing people to be aware the existence of such blogger in nuffnang world.

Cheers to all : )

Fresh7788 said...

i totally agree with what you just blogged. Nuffnang should kick pple like him out of Innit or together out of Nuffnang. Pointless for pple like him to stay around. His pointless blog is all about URLS URLS URLS, it is a damn f cheap blog.

If pple who nang themselves (i did nang myself before too) are cheap, then what abt him and his group of stupid followers ? Do you guys even see the point of doing this or just follow blindly cuz its cool to go against the flow ? Cuz danging pple instead of nanging gains you more popularity/hits to your blog ?

Tunaising or whatever shit nick that is, please wake up your ideas, and his whole truckload of supporters, pls f wake up too. Since he had no qualms in insulting jasonmighty, i don't see why we should hold back our words against him.

Yea, go ahead n ask your little groupie to dang me, cuz i don't give a f. Dang me for all you want you pathetic pple. You're even more pathetic than those who nang themselves. Go ahead n insult us, insult me, you're just loser-ish and cant wait to put others down to make yourself feel better. Get a life.

Thank you very much.

jasonmighty, i'm behind you all the way !

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T A N said...

actually, even if you didn't say who it is, we all know it's TNS. lol.

i admit, most of us are kinda against his danging spree as well, but i guess we all got used to it. I think his methods sorta work for those bloggers who love to spam their links and bug people like -

haha. in every community, there will seem to have a filter or someone who builds a norm of unestablished rules in a society.

well, i guess in our case as bloggers, TNS is the one.


Venessa ♥♥ said...

Agrees with Jess :)

Cathy said...

agree with Jess too =)

BernardC said...

Agree with Jess too... =)

The whole reasons of self-nanging is too make sure the post can enter the glorious Top 10...and there are others who always put a link on cbox to advertise their blog. These r 2 main things that TNS will definitely dang u for. what benefit of getting the NANGs? Do u win a prize for been in top 10? And there is a reason the chatbox is called a chatbox, not link box or post office box.

I felt like this issue has been over but yet ppl still complaining abt it. U don like his style, be it. Nobody like him for wat he is...we r used to him...if u can't, try to grt used to it.

oikeat said...

I thought I left a comment here. Guess you've moderated it.

Like seriously, don't let this bother you. Life is just too great and short to spend with hate.

Just go and befriend other nuffnangers, they are so many friendly open peeps out there, it's better in the long run and more importantly, it's a positive thing.

You wouldn't want to look back at this 2 months from now and laugh at yourself, like me.

oikeat said...

Opps. I'm not Oikeat, I happen to use her account to leave a comment. Don't involve her, she don't want to be involved in any way.

I'm Jordan of Das-Connection, cheers.

jasonmighty said...

First of all, thanks for all the kind comments above.

To Fresh7788, thank you very much.

To Jessica Tan, agree with you totally.

To Venessa and Cathy, thanks and glad that you agree with Jessica's comments.

To Bernard C, I'll get use to it. It's best that we ignore him of course. I actually do post link on chatbox occasionally ^.^ But I never request people to nang. Just wanted to share with them my latest post.

I don't mind about the nang and dang thing actually. To me, it will only tell me whether if people enjoy my post or not. (Hey, I thought that is the purpose all along eh)

To Jordan (of oikeat), I never moderate/delete people's comment. Everybody are entitled to comment. Yup, I'll befriend all nuffnangers who are friendly. All are welcomed.

Lastly, this post is not entirely about his danging and his dang group. This is about his manners.Being rude is not a very nice thing indeed. He could have replied politely and I'll just back off like nothing had happen. But he decided to be rude.

Again, only my personal opinion. No offense intended.

Andrew said...

A very interesting post bro!! I'll support you!! Basically whether ppl group nang or not also none of his business rite?? Hhaha... He thought he is so proud of being the so called "hero that set keadilan".. What i think is he is just too free to care about other peoples matter.. Apalah... set group dang la... dang ppl la...

But anyways, perhaps he might have his own thoughts and points which we may not get or perhaps, it's just not so important for us to care about la..

No big deal about nanging or danging... Where ppl make it to the top of the post or not or how they do it.. is really no big fuss or deal.. rite bro??? hehehe.... If there's post we ma read lo... Nothing ge ma.. if we don';t like den ma dun read lo... =p


jasonmighty said...

Andrew, your just hit a bull's eye. LOL.

His philosophy is certainly not for us to understand. Its too foreign for us to digest.

Don't like then don't read. Simple as that ^.^

shaun said...

haizz...this kinda of ppl oso got

Fresh7788 said...

totally agree ! whats up with all the nanging danging shit man. why are some pple so free to even bother abt other pple nanging themselves or group nanging, and why are pple even bothered abt how much nangs they have got ! getting the highest nangs doesnt even mean your blogs are getting hits like xiaxue. ironically, the popular high hits bloggers dont even go innit !

i hope, this shit stops ! (:

-zonked` said...

you seriously don't have to bring yourself to his level. he's so defensive, it just says everything, isnt it?

AND im leaving a bit left out. HAHAA. can someone enlighten me who is TNS, i would like to visit his blog through the webbie instead of innit so that i avoid NANGING HIM. OOPS

yungchien said...

i just sorta kinda accidentally stumbled upon this blogpost.. and really. His reply is... well... rather.... emotional. maybe he needs a psychologist. Lolx... I mean.... "so what if they selfnang or groupnang?".... if there's an answer to this question, really, i would like to hear it... hahaha... some people are really funny weh =P oh well ^^ since i'm here.... nice blog! ^^

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