Thursday, December 18, 2008

Trick: Opening links with your mouse roller ...

To non-Nuffnangers, please do read on. This simple trick may be very helpful. It is applicable to most browsers.

It is certainly okay if you don’t understand what’s going on.

To Nuffnangers, this simple trick may help avoiding accidental nang and self nang.

Normally, when you left click on links posted on innit, you will not only open that particular blog. You will also nang it automatically. Am I right?

Are you tired of accidentally nang-ing a post? ... unintentioanlly ...

Are you tired that you have to dang it when you found out that the post is pointless?

Are you tired to right click to open a link?

Well, here is a simple solution for you. It is applicable to all links and tabs you see on a browser.

Some of you may know this trick. I hope this trick will help those who do not.

First and foremost, look at the mouse below.

Literally, the left is the left click, the middle is the roller and on the right is the right click.

The question now is how can it be done? Here it goes …

To open a blog without nang-ing it first, all you have to do is to drag and point the curser on the link

Then, click on the roller.

When you do that, the link will be opened automatically in a new tab. Thus, you will not nang or dang it for the moment.

Later if you do enjoy the post, do nang it. If you think the post is pointless, dang it. Simple as that ^.^

This way, we can make nang-ing and dang-ing more meaningful and sense making. Its a new Beginning eh ...

Okay, a little more. This simple trick can also be used to close a tab. Just drag your curser to the tab and click on the roller.

It helps me a lot. I can open a link in a new tab instead of the former used tab. I can close tabs very speedily… especially when there are too many tabs opened.

I hope it helps you in some ways too.

Merry Christmas


renaye said...

err... i knew it long time ago.... it's pretty annoying to accidentally nang/dang when u just want to click to find out who nang and/ or dang ur post.

LIZZIE said...

Hey thx for the information since i'm still new at nuffnang.. plus never had the time to read through how it really works.. :P

i'm a lazy bum.. hehehe

Tommy 少侠 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tommy 少侠 said...

Ooops.. Oh, you may simply click on middle roller at the link.. and you will straight away open up new tab (for Mozilla Firefox) ;D

Jason Law said...

Haha...I used to do this~I will decide whether to nag after reading the post. Thanks for sharing man ^^

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