Monday, December 29, 2008

My grandma's abandoned old wooden house ...

We are now ushering the year 2009 with great hopes and opportunities.

While 2008 is a pretty terrible year … at least for me … I ended my year 2008 rather plainly but on a higher spirit no doubt.

As a matter of fact, I just came back from Penang :)

My mum used to travel back to her hometown – Balik Pulau, Penang on special occasion … As Christmas was just around the corner, she came back to visit and celebrate Christmas with her sisters and her/my other relatives.

I followed her this time around and we stayed at my Ah E’s (my mum's sis) house no doubt … as usual.

As always, the first thing we did was to visit my grandma’s abandoned old wooden house.

It had been abandoned for almost 7 years already. The only living things there were none other than my Ah E’s dogs and cats.

She traveled there ever single day to feed her dogs and cats. The distance between both house is around 5 minutes (by cycling) and 10 minutes (by walking) ... just a short distance.

A road leading to the abandoned house. It was okay ... till later when the road gets tougher

An old wooden house by the roadside

While walking, I came across an ... erm ... old abandoned 'toilet bowl'. I am pretty sure I used one of this before.

An old abandoned 'toilet bowl' I guess ... lol

When my grandma was alive, that old now abandoned wooden house was the house we stayed almost everytime.

I still remember the time when I had to walk a little further to her toilet ... in the middle of the jungle. The toilet was encircled with zinc wall and roof top with a zinc door.

It was okay during the day. But, when night comes and you had a bad stomach ache ... what can you do then but to walk to that toilet ... with a candle, a toilet roll (no water available!) and of course mosquito coil. It was certainly worse if it rains.

Eerie eh. I did just that when I was little.

The short but yet winding and rough road to the abandoned house.

The old abandoned wooden house finally. That's my mum and my lil brother in the photo.

A side view of the corridor ...

Another side view of the corridor ... opposite

Living room

The kitchen

A multi-purpose section of the house - dine, work, chat, whatever

The 'used to be' road to the house. It was now fenced up.

A great nostalgia indeed ... it was just like walking down memory lane.

While my memory of that house was like 8 - 18 years ago ... can you then imagine ... my mum ... she was born and raised in that very house. That was like ... long long time ago ... during the 60's and 70's.

Now, it was abandoned. While it may be the END ... for the old abandoned wooden house at least ... the house will always be remembered deep down.

A Penang trip will not be a Penang trip without a Penang feast. So, do guess what you can expect in the next post? LOL ...

Ripple ripple ... its Money this week :)

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м裏.jëиz said...

whoa... thats somewhat similar to my gramma's house. only thing is, ur gramma's house is an old wooden bungalow, and my gramma's house is an old wooden terrace house. can imagine? hehe..

renaye said...

i have not been to balik pulau for ages. but that old wooden house is like my grandma's in ipoh. but at least my grandma's has a door and shelter!!

acura said...

A squatting toilet located outdoors looks creepy. That house looks real old but I think it is still in good condition.

jasonmighty said...

Jenna, it is not a bungalow la...haha. Wooden terrace house...can imagine of course. Lots of those wooden terrace house there too.

Renaye, the house do have a door and shelter too:) It is pretty eerie now that it is abandoned.

Acura. Yup...a squatting toilet located outside. Pretty creepy ... especially when your imagination is wild - snakes, insects, animals ...while you are doing your business.

Thanks for the comments ;)

Jan said...

That's a quite a lovely post - humor, melancholy, passage of time and memories exquisitely interwoven in words and photographs. Just lovely.

jasonmighty said...

Jan: Your comment encourage me to be a better blogger. Thanks.

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