Sunday, January 4, 2009

...of wind and dreams

And to the wind go so many dreams,
That you held inside,
Now you're just a memory,
Burning in my mind

You might be thinking that the introduction above is a little sombre for an entry. But, that is just me ... me being me undoubtedly.

It has been a couple of days into 2009. Everyone is busy about noting down their very own resolution and wishes for 2009. That is certainly a very normal thing for us to be doing of course.

I'm a little strayed then if you asked me now. Yes I am. I've been reflecting very much upon myself and what I have done over the years.

I am done with kindergarten. I am done with primary, secondary and even high school. Recently, I am done with my degree.

I've been working pretty hard on all the necessary steps to have what I have today.

But frankly speaking, what I have right now is not what I have dreamt of ... all those years. Not that I regretted it ... certainly not. A misunderstanding on your part is certainly not what I have planned.

One of my favourite quote from one of my favourite movie - Forrest Gump ... mentioned:
"Life is like a box of chocolate.
You never know what you're gonna get"
Life is indeed like a box of chocolate. It may not be what I have dreamt of . But, I am what I am today is because of what I have gone through in the past.

FYI, the short intro earlier is a cut out from a lyric of the song you are actually hearing right now on my very blog (if you do have you speaker on!). Personalizing it, it will be something like this:

And to the wind go so many dreams,
That I held inside,
Now it's just a memory,
Burning in my mind

There are so many dreams I held deep down inside me. It is to dream the impossible dream. It is to bear with the unbearable sorrow. It is to reach the unreachable stars.

I know some dreams are best begone. But, there are certainly some dreams I can hold on to tightly. Dreams that are about to be unfold ... hopefully ... this very 2009.

The fact is - 2009 is a total stranger to me. 2009 will be full of surprises and the unexpected. 2009 will be the year I spread my wing a little further.

So, for my 2009 resolution, I wish that:
  • My parents and my relatives will always be at tiptop condition ... mind me ... what I meant is healthy, happy and prosperous.
  • Same goes to my friends ... wherever you are ... that our friendship remains.

That is all for my resolution. With them being my pillars of strength and encouragement, my dreams will become reality on its own accord.

To my unreachable dreams ....

You'll only fade
Into the wind


м裏.jëиz said...

very well written. very emo. me likey~

Jason Law said...

So you should start focusing on what you want in the future from now onwards. You can never have all your dreams come true. For those you still can make it to reality, go for it, without any doubt again...At least you tried it,even you fail

Good luck, Jason always the best. lol

jasonmighty said...

Thanks Jenz.

Jason L. Thanks to you to for you encouragement. Well, human's mind are very weird indeed. Sometimes you just can't help but to think of things which you doesn't want to. But, I will keep on working towards my dreams ;)

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