Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yoga (with worshipping & chanting) is prohibited

Okay, the yoga issue has been a boiling issue for several weeks already.

Few weeks ago, news had it that the National Fatwa Council will soon address the Yoga ban on Muslims.

I am not Muslim ... so why bother.

But, anyway, I still find it ridiculous. Practicing yoga will not harm anyone ... even a Muslim ...

If a person have a strong believe and are extremely dedicated to their religion, nothing can ever change their believe and faith !!!


Back to this piece of news, The National Fatwa council has finally declared that the yoga practice which involves three elements of physical movements, worshiping and chanting as 'haram' (prohibited) in Islam.


The National Fatwa chairman even said that by yoga-ing without worshipping and chanting, it will also lead to another ... "another" being the changes in faith and believe i guess ... and religion too in the worse case scenario ...

“We discourage Muslims to do yoga as a form of exercise because it will ultimately lead to religious worshipping and chanting which is against Islam.
Source: Anis, M. N. (2008). The Star ... as mentioned by the chairman ...

Islam is suppose to be a beautiful religion. But because of all this laws and regulation, it becomes somehow ridiculous at times.

Being a Buddhist, I do have Muslim friends. And, they are very open minded yet very devoted to their teachings. They are so strong religiously that all this laws will be like a joke to them.

Conclusion: What I can see is that 'The National Fatwa council' is so afraid of them and their people loosing faith in Islam. So, they eradicate all types of laws as a preliminary precaution.

So many things also 'No' !!! ...

I am just puzzled by all this ridiculous

Note: No offense intended ... it is just my personal opinion ...


wenQ said...

seriously. i don't get what they are thinking of prohibiting yoga. duh... > <

Jason Law said...

I was shocked when I first saw the news. Finally, it is prohibited for them. I strongly agreed with you. They are just treating the people like stupid...I really hope those leading people can be more opened mind instead of making jokes again

sabahking said...

yoga is good for health !!

Helmi Asyraf said...

Hi (n_n)

I am muslim. Actually there is one major issue behind this issue.

The main problem of of this hold issue is most of us ignorance + have lack of knowledge on how the principles and rules in Islam works + concept.

There is a concept of in Malay - Niat tidak menghalalkan cara which means your intentions not the fee tickets to do what ever you like. Something like that.

For example, like Robin Hood. It is still wrong to steal although for good of others. Or not such thing as white lies (n_n). So what is your opnion? can you steal stuff which not belongs to you for sake of other people?

Why don't you try to visit this site? So, you may have better understanding on Islam (n_n)

So, in this issue, the main factor is due to this concept. The action is still wrong although it is for health. From what I heard, those people need to say 'um' - something like that...hehhehe which is from hinduism.

Therefore is relates to theological aspect of ISlam.

There is still a lot of ways to be healthy right? Do you agree?

For muslim, solat is also some kind exercise (n_n).

Interested? So, you may have better understanding on Islam (n_n).

but there is still people sick? yaah.I agree. But there is more about how it is done. Need much longer explanation...hehheheh

You should read this as this will give you more info to write review on Fatwa later on..The reason and the impact of the fatwa. Have a nice day!

Contact me if you need to know more ok?

Sorry for the lengthy comment....


Helmi Asyraf said...

sorry for the terrible comment. Accidentally pasted some part of the comment.

jasonmighty said...

To Helmi,

I do have lots of misconception towards Islam and Malays in particular. Some misconceptions are cleared off of when I am being enlightend a little.

Regarding the 'intention' element you mentioned, if your are strong enough religiously, you won't be bothered.

Am I right then to say that, because some of them are not strong religiously, laws and regulations is needed to control them. If that's the case, they don't have a strong faith and believe and I have nothing more to say.

Robin is a totally different ball game. He did what he deemed appropriate at that time. We must remember that he steals from the rich, the one who robbed wealth off the poor people in the first place. In my personal opinion, Robin is wrong. But the rich people is even more wrong.

For some people, yoga is like a comfort food. So why can't they proceed with yoga. They are comfortable with it aren't they. And their faith and believe is still very much intact.

As I said, Islam is suppose to be a beautiful religion...not a control freak. What Fatwa did is understandable at times. But, a lot of it just doesn't make sense.

Aren't God is mighty and great? I am sure God will know what to do.

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