Wednesday, February 4, 2009

... of river and haunted house, Baling

Traveling to Baling, Kedah has been some sort of tradition in my family circle every Chinese New Year ever since ... who knows ... a long time ago maybe ...

There is of course a connection between my family and this place called Baling.

My grandma (paternal side) ... well ... lets call her Ah Ma ... once stayed there many many decades ago. My dad is still a young boy at that time ... around 7 years old I think.

From what I have heard, Baling is pretty much a wonderful place to live in.

Ah Ma lived in a little neighborhood just behind a Thai temple. The temple is called Wat Prakhat.

There is also a river closed by. The river used to be pretty deep and crystal clear. It is now all shallow and a little dirty.

There is a lot to be said about this river. No, I have no idea what the river is called. But, I am told by my uncle that there isn't any drown cases nor death plaguing this river yet.

My uncle reasoned out that as the temple is situated just beside the river, there is therefore a protector who protects people from life threatening situation.

Do you believe in it? I do ... I really do ... it's the faith that counts after all ...

There is this story about a boy who plays in the river once. It is said that the boy accidentally fell full body into the river. The boy somehow left the river unscathed. Do take note that the river is full of stones of various sizes

He ran to his parents and told them he fell into the river. As the boy's parent look at the river and around, they could not locate anyone nearby the river.

You tell me then!!! All I can say is if I were to fell into that river, my head will be cracked open ... like how you crack-open an egg.

Enough about the river though. Besides offering prayers and respects, my dad will also visit Ah Ma's old neighbour.

As far as I can remember, Ah Ma's former house is empty all this while. It is said and believed that the house is haunted ... eerie and creepy hurh ~~~

The picture above is as close as I can get though . There is a dog nearby growling at me fiercely for whatever reason.

And no, I am not venturing into that house!!!

Happy Chinese New Year


м裏.jëиz said...

eh, so much of wood like my amah's house too.

but the house doesnt look that creepy from the photo.

but in real, i think it might be.

did anyone mention about WHO's haunting the house?


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