Friday, November 21, 2008

What I did on Facebook Part 1

Facebook is such a phenomenon nowadays that everyone is getting one for themselves. Friendster is so yesterday ...

I have a Facebook account for almost a year already.

As a new Facebook user back then, I played all kinds of games. From Poker, Fluff Friends, Minjolt Games to Defence of the Ancient to Street Race, yes, I played all those useless application.

Within a span of several weeks, I find myself going nowhere with my Facebook account.

I might as well just stop playing as these games are nothing to shout about. It’s boring, it's repetitive, it's wasting of my time and it doesn’t contribute to anything.

Time to get rid of some of them ... and fast too ... XOXO

Now that all the clutter is cleared, why not then I add something more worthwhile?

So I searched ... and searched ... and I found this application called Spare A Click (SAC). That was like 10 months ago.

Look, I have 8057 clicks already...that's a lot LOL

All I have to do is to click on it, a pop up appears depicting all kinds of related ads and .. wolla! … advertisers will donate to charity (sounds familiar eh!).

You may questioned the legitimacy of SAC.

FYI, Give Team is a charitable organization dedicated to using power of the internet to help people. It has been certified by the United States federal government.

Care2 on the other hand is a social network that helps connect activist from around the world. Care2 has 9,000,000 members around the world.

I am no. 2 in the Malaysian SAC billboard currently ...


... and no 54 in the World SAC billboard. All hail the queen - the compassionate Sylvia Angus who tops the overall ranking ... and the rest of them of course. A job well done !!

Okay! You may think that SAC is something useless ... wasting all your time clicking for yourself and for others everyday.

But do remember that "A Little Makes all the Difference in the World".

At least I am doing something worthwhile !!! Who cares about the raking anyway ... ? I don't ...

Hey! Aren't all us blogger earned from the ads placed HERE !!!

Why not spare some time clicking for the children too ^.^

Next Post: What I did on Facebook Part 2

Streamys sucks. It's a love and hate relationship. Love because it provides you with internet connection. Hate because the connection is terribly slow at times (erm ... more like frequently eh...)

I took 2 days to finally post it ... thanks to a very unstable connection. Streamyx SUCKS big time LOL


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