Sunday, November 23, 2008

MSN is closing must be joking !!!

I received an email ... today in fact ... with the title :-
"MSN will begin to charge you money soon !"
It is a forwarded email claimed to be sent by the directors of MSN - Tara and John.

Awkwardly , they would like to apologize for interrupting (like ... duh !) but MSN is closing down.
"We know many of these messages have been sent out lately, and that they wouldn't be true. However, this one is in fact true, and it will occur soon."
The reason given is due to the fact that too many inconsiderate people are taking up all the names (ie. making up lots of different accounts for just one person), therefore, they only have like 578 names left.

Well, it certainly sounded like a chain mail ... urghhh !!!

Why is that?
"If you would like to close your account, DO NOT SEND THIS MESSAGE ON. "
(Very tricky here ... what it mean is if you want to continue to use MSN, forward it)

We would not recommend this because if in the future you'd like to use MSN, and you don't send this message on, you will be CHARGED to use MSN monthly.
(So, that is why ... going one huge circle to convey the message hurh!)

If you would like to keep your account, then SEND THIS MESSAGE TO EVERYONE ON YOUR CONTACT LIST.
(There is it ... a normal chain mail kinda message)

As we said this before, this is no joke, and we will be shutting down the servers.
(Another one)

Please send it on.
(And another one)
There is a lot of grammatical and spelling errors in the message. A laughing stock indeed for directors of a huge company to have such mistakes, isn't it.

Another thing is that a link (click here) is included and it lead me to this old old piece of news dated February 25th 2001. It says "MSN to charge user fee" ... Hello ... that was like almost 8 years ago ... LOL

I googled a little and found this ... it is by SOPHOS.

(click to enlarge)

FYI, SOPHOS is a Security and Control solutions trusted by 100 million users and endorsed by industry analysts as a real alternative to Symantec and McAfee ... like ... wow!

If you did have a look at what SOPHOS found out you'll notice something.

Is the directors of MSN "Andy and John" or "Tara and John" ? ... LOL

I am not forwarding the email. It is all bullshit.

In my opinion the person who started this chain mail had nothing better to do.

Anyway, if MSN were to close down, no worries, I have Yahoo and Gmail to lean on to. After all, I never like MSN one bit .... am forced to use it because everyone is messenging with it ...

Hey, I thought MSN is now called "Windows Live" ... what a stupid chain mail !!!


Jordan said...

This is pure bullshit. Just don't bother. I've first seen this like.. 6 years ago. LOL

Jason-L said...

Yupe. Serious, people are too bored and started create such mails...I ever once received a mail,it said Bill is sharing his wealth and we may simply receive the money by forwarding mails...

Anonymous said...

This is well **** You shouldn't do this do this do u find it funni cozz I dont you scared my friend you ****heads you are just doing this cozz you have nothing better to do with yoour lifee You ****heads Arrrrhhhh

jasonmighty said...

To anonymous,

Did I mentioned anywhere in this post that it was suppose to be a funny post?

Are you joking by telling me I have nothing better to do?

Do not judge me based on this post alone. It is certainly not fair to me.

Are you any better then? Look at your manners and language ... there is 3 '****' on your comment. You are OUTRIGHT RUDE!!!

I have so many things to do in my life. Maybe I should create a 'polite' pills to cure this social rudeness among people like YOU!!!

Thank You
(I don't mind comments...but please mind your manners)

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