Thursday, April 1, 2010

A dog being abused at Kepong KTM Station

Remember my post on "A True Story of a Street Dog Named Jonah" & "A tribute to Jonah the street dog" more than a year ago? Well, I thought such cruelty won't happen right here in Malaysia. How wrong was I...

Read on ...the news I was about to share was something which happened only last month at Kepong KTM station. I came to know about this news from my friend, Cheryl (from her Facebook status).
Source : malaysiankini 
M Nisha, Mar 17, 10, 4:43pm 
I am writing because of a grievous incident that took place on Monday, March 15 at about 3pm at Kepong Central KTM Station. My friends and I (six of us) were there to take the train to the Bank Negara station. 
After parking our cars, we heard a dog howling, more like a painful cry. Then, we noticed a dog being tied to the grill (steel fence) of the KTM station. As we approached the dog, we stood aghast at the sight. 
The stray dog's leg and neck was tied very tightly to the grill and a piece of wood had been shoved down inside its throat! The dog was bleeding and its feces were all around it. The string was attached to a pole in the KTM station. 
Immediately, we confronted the KTM workers. They said that it was done by Kuala Lumpur City Hall workers because a minister was to be visiting the station next week. They failed to explain further. 
At once, we called the SPCA and the Paws animal welfare society. The SPCA responded efficiently by informing us that an animal control officer would be there soon. We made a slight commotion in front of the KTM station but the KTM workers were not concerned at all. 
After about an hour, as we were returning to the KTM Kepong Central Station, we received a call from the SPCA officer stating that the dog was now not tied up and was moving around. When we arrived, the dog was limping. The same KTM workers avoided us as we tried to confront them. A passer-by told us that the dog has been that way for quite some time. 
The SPCA officer could not capture the dog as it walked away for quite a distance. He advised us to write to the media and to the SPCA as well. 
Doenn't our country's animal rights support the idea that an animal has the right to live its life without being harmed and hurt by humans? We realize that people define the meaning of animal rights and abuse in different ways but aren't the citizens of our country merciful? 
This dog could have been just put to sleep if it had been harming the public or causing a nuisance. Why stick a wooden stick down its throat.
There you have it then. Animal cruelty at it's worst. I mean, what can I say more. If everything in this world was created by God, why were we, one of His creation, abused another of His creation then.

As of now, I am not sure about the poor dog's fate. Is it okay? Is it recovering already? Any kind soul out there taking the dog to the vet? I have no idea myself.

To Kepong people or anyone taking the komuter train from Kepong KTM station frequently, do update us should you know anything about the dog's fate.

Anyway, a kind soul by the name "Christopher McFadden" created a petition through care2 petitionsite. Please do sign the petition. <link to petition> Our target is 10,000. To achieve that, we must spread it to all our friends. We can tweet about it. We can post the link on Facebook. Anything will do so long as we are able to create a buzz out of it.

Paws Animal Welfare Society Malaysia: 60(0)3 7846 1087
SPCA: 4256 5312 / 4253 5179
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    kenwooi said...

    what a cruel sight =/

    Lisa A. said...

    Fucking sick fuckers! I wish them all a painful death and to burn in hell!! If I was able, I would kill you all personally!

    christ said...

    This is so sick,please bring these "no humans" to justice in whatever
    way,not wonder that God is angry and
    sending us so many messages with to
    many natural disasters,and steel we don't respect animals!! he put them
    in this planet to take care of them.

    muhasebe programı said...

    Thanks for sharing, I love reading you should post more often...

    veri kurtarma said...

    Thanks for sharing, I love reading you should post more often... Veri Kurtarma

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