Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Race discrimination & prejudice .... A racist remark

I got to know about these remarks from a blogger and I decided to post it here in the hope that I can spread it wide and far. 

The remarks are certainly an issue as far as I am concerned. As long as such racist remarks are raised, other races will never be able to accept the 1Malaysia concept. How are we going to compromise and accept everything when we are not even well accepted here? As a matter of a fact, most Bumiputeras are not exactly pure Bumiputeras. They have ancestors from other Asian countries as well ... particularly Indonesia. 

Anyway, I'm going to translate the remarks word for word into English as best as I could below so that everyone can actually understand it. You can read the original post here. A note here that the post is dated almost 11 months ago. But, that is not the whole point here. Here we go.
To Datuk Seri Najib and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, as part of the Malaysian citizen, the Islam religion and also the Malay race, I would like to express my anger as one of the Bumiputera (indigenous people) in this Malay land.

My claim against the government of Malaysia:

1) Destroy non-bumiputera's voting rights
They definitely doesn't deserve to vote in Malaysia because they only vote based on their own race only.

2) Cancel all political parties not owned by the Bumiputera in this Malay Land
Their party is extremely racist and even if they are a part of the component, they will not help us Bumiputera. Instead, they claim for our Bumiputera rights.

3) Return back all the Malay rights which had been liberalized last month

4) Bring down the statue of Hindu God in Batu Caves and also the statue of the sitting Buddha in Kelantan.
This issue is the most important of all! How us, Malaysian, an Islam country and that Islam is the main religion here, built tall huge statues to the point that it is taller that all our mosque's dome!!!

All the claims above is not something racist. But, it is our expression underneath all of it. Other migrant races will not compromise with the current government. They will only claim all the rights of the Bumiputera.

And here we ask, before anything happens, that the Malaysian government will agree to all the 4 claims mentioned.

I would like to stress one more time, a warning to the government of Malaysia!!! ...

... that, the migrant races will not support the Bumiputera! They will only support their own race! They will only surpress Bumiputera slowly, finely and secretly. They even support all the communist fighters who killed the Islam and Malay people. What's to come next then!!!
So there you have it, a racist remark written and posted by this guy - Apache, a vice Chief of the Youth UMNO Movement.

I just don't get why this Apache guy have to raise such issue. I have Malay friends from my schooling eras as well as my current working place. They are all nice people who respect other races and religion. We will talk about the way of one another's religion and race sometimes. It is always very casual, friendly and educational.

It's hard to accept it but I feel that racial issue will always be an issue here in Malaysia. It happens when we have so many races residing together. And, each races will never forget about their roots that's for sure. I know I won't. All that we can do now is to respect one another for the differences that we have. 

As to Apache guy, I don't give a damn about all his claims because it is not the voice of all Malays & Bumiputeras. If he is so worried about all his claims, he should work harder for his people. Other races work really hard to be where they are today. And, that is without much help from the government (especially the various policies laid down to even-out the economic differences between races). 

Since Apache is so worried, he should just stop wearing western clothes (t-shirts/shirts/pants/coats). No more western food or any other races' food (Mcdonalds, KFC, noodles). No more TV, radio, tall buildings and etc. He should just go back to his kampung so that he can stop being so concern about things out-shinning his believes and everything. See, he just don't get it.

To me, if a person discriminate, he/she will be discriminated as well. That is the main reason why racial issues here are so hard to be solved. Other races are discriminated in the first place. So they discriminate as well. You can't expect people to stay low and accept everything with a swallow.

I know what I wrote above might not go down well with other people's understanding and believes. But, that is just my opinion. I mean no harm. To other Malay who are unlike Apache, thank you! You are different and that makes all the difference. Awesome!

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kenwooi said...

politics in malaysia is the one ruining the peace of the races.. actually most of us are living nicely and the political parties and individuals are the one making a huge fuss out of it.. =/

jfook said...

screw these racist people..

Jan said...

Someone please form an interracial party!!

jasonmighty said...

Kenwooi, what you said is so true.

Jfook, screw them big time...screw them

Jan, we should form one someday. A party for all. But politics are tricky and snaky-like. Slimy indeed.

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