Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lucky...damn lucky...

This is my dog - Lucky.

Lucky is one damn mischievous dog.

Lucky is also extremely greedy and selfish.

Yesterday, I saw Lucky trying to look inside my house through the window ... as what it usually does !!!

Lucky may be a very damn naughty dog.

However, it was still rather cute and adorable of Lucky to do that.

This time around, and to my horror, I saw this.
(Well, it was a shot taken later today when I was free to take a closer look at it)

If you look close enough, you'll notice something is not right with Lucky's eyes. I have to hold on to its mouth just to get a closer shot.

Lucky's eyes are all red and watery.

I can't take a good snap because Lucky keeps tossing and turning ...

After rubbing its eyes, Lucky will then lick its paw.

My dad told me that there is a possibility that Lucky's eyes are sprayed with venom... by a snake of course...well...kind of...no idea myself.

Thank God Lucky is not bitten. Or else, Lucky will be following the footstep of my very brave Nikki (my Finnish Lapphund dog) which died so sudden 3 years ago after being bitten by a King Cobra.

My dad told me to use this on Lucky.

Well, we've tried it before on Max and Puppy years back ... and it works like a miracle.

Get well soon, Lucky !!!


♥ м裏.jëиz said...

hope lucky gets well soon!

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