Saturday, February 13, 2010

Roarrrrrr .... Happy Chinese New Year everybody

It's the tiger year now. Tiger is the third zodiac animal among the 12 animals in Chinese calenders. Tiger is a symbol of power, strength and awe.

According to legend, the ferocious feline took third place in a race called by the Jace Emperor (Emperor of Heaven). All animals in the kingdom were invited to participate in the event. Tiger manage to claw its way across the river bank to reach the designated spot set. Hence, tiger was inducted into the Zodiac Years permanently.

Enough with the legend :) Happy Chinese New Year, people! May the tiger year be kind, generous and helpful to all. 

Please enjoy the ecard below. Click on the card to see the animated version. The tiger cubs are cute.

The 5 little tiger cubs represent the 5 elements - metal, water, fire, earth and wind.


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